Fictional: "Secrets Revealed", the discovery of the Zandian mysteries

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2 October, 2016, 3:38 PM UTC


Strange country the Zandia republic. Put your nose out of the Command HQ center, and the nauseating smell of hemoglobin almost kills you faster than a bullet! Or a multilateral transmission with security code HG "Bishamonten" from "The Syndicate" shows you a mysterious and fabulous young blonde girl with glasses and a super sexy voice, so beautiful to get you to come a bang! Strange country the Zandia republic, really!

Meanwhile these considerations, my faithful motorized troops had scoured in the length and breadth of the entire airstation of the zandian capital. The Colonel Scheckter report only few and sporadic resistance of some ZHG survived infantryman. But It is definitely a calm before a storm! A counterattack is more than likely, and my troops on the ground are not sure in sufficient number to deal with a massive return of ZHG heavy forces.

We certainly can not waste time! My orders to the motorized infantry column "Speedy Gonzales", now into zandian capital's airport are clear: recover the precious cargo still in the holds of the two aircargo Kireyev-ZS522 "перо" and after immediate return to base!

Now remains a pending issue: Traif have found the charred remains of the asian self-proclaimed zandian Prime Minister Zhang Wei Chen ? 

There is no answer to this question for now! Traif is untraceable (who has fled taking advantage of the opportunity?) and his GPS signal is no longer detectable by hours. Maybe he may have been killed by somewhere hidden ZHG sniper survived, but the telemetry should nevertheless give the signal. Instead nothing at all!

And as if that were not enough already this trouble, my secret intel service infom me about a possible and potential threat, carried out by a group of treacherous and slimy insurgents rebel commanders, intolerant towards the authority of the "The Syndicate" corporation and his commander in chief John Black. 

They call themselves: Mr. White jihadists

[ continue when i have time]

"Glory to the Bomb and his Divine destructive Cloud"
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