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Tell your enemy how you feel and win Diamonds!

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12 February, 2016, 2:17 PM UTC

Love is in the air? Love is in Zandia!

Tell your enemy how you feel!

Many Commanders all over Zandia are secretly hoping to get tender messages from their secret admirers on this day. Do not disappoint them!

• Write a Valentine’s Day message to your enemy in the Comments section below.

• Hit the Like button under the message you like most!

• The Syndicate will choose ten best messages, and their authors will receive 1,000 Diamonds each!

Last year, Mr. Black sent a kind Valentine’s Day card to the Zheng Shi Holding Company. It read, “My dears, it would be an understatement to say that you mean a lot to me. You are simply my all. I will keep burning your Locations down so the fire keeps you warm at night. This letter will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Yours, Mr. X.”

Be creative. Do not write insulting messages. Remember that the Syndicate is watching you!

The winners will be announced on February 15. 

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day with your brothers in arms! 

Contest in German:

 Contest in French:  


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12 February, 2016, 3:05 PM UTC

I know you must be wondering how I knew just when your OFF raid team would arrive back at your base.

You sent 15 million Offense against my base and I planned for 6 waves of 10 million Offense each, accelerating each 

wave with my boosts.

I bet that you would accelerate your return either by 3 hours, leaving 15 minutes on the clock,

or, you would return by 2.5 + 15 minutes on the clock,

or finally you would return by 1.5 hours + 15 minutes.

I only had to be right once, and since I flooded you meanwhile, with fake raids and fake occupieds during this time, you didn't know

which attack was the PERFECT one.  So I got one of the six right, and now your 15 million offense is *TO.AS.T*.    :)

The next time will be even better.

Maybe you should relocate yourself.

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12 February, 2016, 3:22 PM UTC

Today it is Valentine's Day. I wish you that you will bring your girlfriend/wife to a great romantic restaurant, having an aphrodisiac dinner and conclude the night in the "best way".

I will send rats to the restaurant so that you can order them as your dinner; I will fill your car tank with my fuel so you can go in a romantic place to see the sunset; I will drop my ammo to hear the great "din-dlin" sound... Please, at least today leave my base alone.

Happy Valentine's Day dude!

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12 February, 2016, 3:48 PM UTC

it's hard to say your feelings with the enemy! (-.-)

feeling is a shark and a clams! //(-0-)//

Nice to meet you!!! \\ (*0*) //

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12 February, 2016, 3:53 PM UTC

Fire!! Reload!!!

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12 February, 2016, 4:17 PM UTC

roses are red .

violets are blue.

you tried to raid my base

now im comin after you

all your love letters wont stop me

and your 1 man raids wont do

the damage im gonna cause when my troops reach you!

                    Happy Valentines Day !

p. s. If you go to sleep before your troops get in

i'll make you use that credit card again!

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12 February, 2016, 4:38 PM UTC
Rising with the morning dew was this erie feeling I have for you. For you see my heartbreaks and the earthshakes as it's your precious resources I desire to take. So on this special day it's not roses and candy for you but troops, armoured units an a occasional tactical missle or two. So if you don't know by now it's your assests that I truly adore that keeps me coming back for more. So please join me for dinner, check your stats and see I'm the winner. 
Black Lotus
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12 February, 2016, 6:52 PM UTC

Dear mghtymike, 

We use to be allies. Now you're red on my map and I'm red on yours.

I didn't mean to raid you. i needed resources then and i couldn't find a target.

Listen, you are a good player. You have a good offense force and your recon planes shoot mine down each time i try to recon your base. 

Perhaps we can work together someday, and fire XM-7 missiles, watching the fireworks go off. 

Happy Valentine's Day! - Anonymous

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13 February, 2016, 6:17 AM UTC


It is true that I know the friendship in this game, as well as belonging to a large clan, live and share with large legends become true Titans. I learn to call brother (s) the partner (s) closest, who strives to deliver your soul in every deed for the benefit of all. I also recognize the value and effort of my enemy and could only speak in the singular, although there are several I prefer to recognize the work that exists in one that surely will feel be identified by reading lines. My enemy-friend (just to be on this special date) is one that each handle a higher level, your can simple and different techniques that can produce me laugh ironically (when I'm victorious), to very complex and meaningless , causing impotence and tears me (when I lose the fight), sometimes becomes rough and insistent, this enemy; my enemy-friend, who; gets to become part of my own shadow, you can even meet my best that I mind knows so well my hours, that of rest, sleep, my hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus know how many hours you work, I suspect working as a watchmaker. The enemy, my enemy-friend, knows the days when I work, when and where I take the beers with friends, and even when I go to the cinema to see a movie, it is as accurate to attack my industry or my colonies when I take only a few minutes to go to the bathroom or take a snack and return to the game, I feel that I was attacked, surely has a friend at NASA who lend a satellite or something, the only thing missing is alien friends abduct the game and get me once also my enemy, my enemy-friend, the weather and can predict if a power failure occur or that the internet line will go. Knows my country very well, my mood finally everything around me, often ending desconcertándome send decoys, and does so with algorithms, angles, handles very well mathematics, black holes, insurance is more loving Albert Einstein physics. When you think you did not attack more, he forgot that remorse and returns the desired peace, because suddenly, like Freddy Krueger, the nightmare returns, unable to let you sleep. The enemy, my enemy-friend is one who such contempt for me the checkered life, I want to be obstinase the game and go play the complete Candy Crush Saga or who went to live in a galaxy very, very far in desert places such as: Tatooine or Jakku, that he would die of heat and boredom, but that enemy, my enemy-friend, he is so skilled that surely ends up becoming a real headache for the balance of force. Commented on the skill of the enemy, my enemy-friend, my brothers clan, which was taken as epic as an example for all, a real chair in the art of war, for others who knew him to have had encounters direct war with my enemy-friend, but hated him loved him, they said: the Old Wolf and the God of war, all my friends from other clans know him by the nickname: James Bond 007, no one knows dictionary espionage, also entices even my girlfriend, dog and cat. My family admire and think it's a superhero. For me it's just a hunter like me, we look for traces of blood of our prey, regardless of irrigation learn from each other, I remind them: the enemy, my enemy-friend (just to be on this special date) happy day.

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13 February, 2016, 4:02 PM UTC

Your combine pickup line "Nice To Meet You" brought such tears to my eyes. I just knew from the very first fireworks you displayed over my city that  your heart had been smitten by my temptations and superior wit. Your constant suicide missions, losing tremendous amounts of troops, and your perpetual coining to try and buy my affections, only tells me how much you burn with desire at your failings as my city prospers. 

The pools of your troops blood painting my outside walls is a constant reminder of the love & envy you have for me this Valentine's day. You can't buy my love but my love lies in watching you coin in obscurity. 

Spend more on me my frazzled stalker and let us remember another Valentine's Day Massacre at your expense.

I longingly wait for your next nuke display of fireworks and automatic debit replacements.

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15 February, 2016, 10:19 AM UTC

Well, it's time to pick up the Winners! And we have 7 of them:








Congratulations! Contact me in PM to claim your rewards!
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