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8 December, 2017, 10:54 PM UTC

Greetings commanders. We were founded on being a place where new players can learn and grow. we have many members that know the game very well and have been up and running for years.

*everyone here helps everyone, good help is not hard to find here.

*we have referral men who hold and transfer referrals to those who need them.

*we maintain 100% activity everyday so we're getting the max reward.

*we pull the 3rd crate on average, pulling the 4th every now and then.

*we max out mile stones so you get the best possible rewards for tournaments.

*we have a member that gives briefings almost everyday at 20:00 to keep you up to speed on whats going on, and to offer tips.

everyone is friendly and we don't stand for bullying. we try to keep peace but will fight when the need arises.

if your looking to be apart of a team that all helps push each other forward than Direwolves is for you.

we would love to have you join us. its open enrolment, so just search for direwolves and click "join now". 

we are on highlands

and we use our combine chat :) a quiet combine is a dead combine, and we are very much alive

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