Evil Smurfs

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19 February, 2017, 7:14 PM UTC

Hello everyone,

I am MrFoxtrot (36 Years old Dutchman) and I would like to introduce to you our new combine: "Evil Smurfs" to all of you:

We the Evil Smurfs have ones again come to Soldiers INC to bring you your daily fix of crazy humor and a great gaming experience.

Some of us are old Soldiers INC veterans and some of us are newbies. We are players from all walks of life and the leadership has been running clans, tribes and alliances for the past 10 years across many games (and still running). Now we have returned to Soldiers INC and we are looking for new members, new friends and great partners. We do not care if you are a experienced or a newbie player, as long you are willing to be part of a team and willing to go the distance. We do not believe in spamming orders and forcing people, Simply said we do NOT want to play the game for you, but we would like to play the game with you as a team. We will have shared difficulties, and shared victories and achievements. We will have good times and bad times. But above all we did it as a team. We have clear and realistic goals where each member will have the opportunity to play the game as they see fit while being part of a combine that will take care of their own and provide training, guidance and support where needed. We do not want to promise golden mountains and hot air castles, we just want to play the game and have a great time doing so. We do not demand crazy things from you and neither are we going to be dictators. Yet as in any game where players become part of a group we have to enforce some small rules and common sense practices to make sure that the game remains fun for everyone within the combine and outside the combine.

1: Be Active, Loyal, Friendly and Helpful (3 Days MIA without notice = expelled)

2: Be nice and respectful to friend and foe (Keep in mind a little respect and friendly chat can go a VERY long way)

3: Respect diplomatic partners and do not start problems you cannot finish (So you like to start unsanctioned wars and create chaos? GOOD, Great But do remember you will be fighting this war on your own as we will not allow you to destroy the game of your fellow combine members just because you want to be a reckless and suicidal tough cookie.)

4: Do not steal farms that are owned by others (Unless at war or sanctioned), and if you want to raid farms for resources which is fair game then always allow the owner to retake it. But do keep in might that if you do this then the opposite party will also visit your farms (Its a matter of give and take) Yet do avoid direct base attacks (unless at war or sanctioned) as attacking bases directly is usually not a good move and is hardly profitable not to mention the troubles it might create for the rest of the combine.

Note:  There are always players who do not understand the concept of a combine, tribe or alliance and who refuse to understand that a combine is not all about them. And then there are players who like to cause grief, drama and e-tears. To those I would like to say: Move on, have a nice day and please do NOT request to join our combine as we are WAY to smurfy for you and do not like to see our daily relaxing game being ruined. (In short you are not welcome)

See nothing of these rules is over the top or outrageous and if you bring a bit of commonsense, lots of humor and willingness to be part of a team then you are MOST welcome to join us.

Our motto: Its not the size that matters but the way you smurf it, and if you get "smurfed" then "smurfhappens".

So join us today.

If you have questions or you need anything please feel free to contact me in-game or leave a reply below. (For diplomatic questions please contact our CEO: RepoMan or our Vice: Serenity)

Kind Regards,


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