Iron Eagles Recruiting commanders and JTFCC combines

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30 November, 2016, 6:26 PM UTC

Hello and good day commanders,

Iron Eagles is now recruiting members for our combines.  We are also looking for combines to join our JTFCC.

Our command Structure: (Details withheld for security reasons)

Command Structure and positions:

Special Operations Commander:

Charged with overseeing the various Special Operations.  conducts  covert and clandestine missions, such as direct action, special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, psychological warfare and civil affairs.

Joint Task Force Commander:

 Assigns the mission, designates forces, delegates command authorities and relationships and provides other command and control (C2) guidance necessary for the JTFC to form the joint force and begin operations.


1. To support one another in build a strong and dominating base above all.

2. To support one another in combat and operations.  We leave no one alone in battle and we will expect the same of you.

3. You will need to focus most your time as a new base on building troops and base above anything else.  Til you reach level 40 we do not expect you to involve yourself in combat unless provoked.  If you get occupied or attacked contact your CEO we will handle that.

4. Finally, I do expect daily participation and high activity within your base to build, build and Train, Train, Train...  Believe me when I say this will get you further than fighting all the time in Soldier inc.

(More indoctrination process will be discussed upon your acceptance in tour our combine or your combine into our JTFCC.)

I look forward to working with you and/or your combine.

John Deese

Operations Officer,SIC

Iron Eagles


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