The good Old days

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4 October, 2016, 6:54 PM UTC

I remember the good old  days when the 2 main combines  were Death shield and Death squad  and we just had a handful of MC's  we had good members back then the game has changed that much now we see more and more players walking away from the game at this  moment in time we cant get really good  high active level players because we don't have a mc most off those players rather join a combine who have Mining Complex's and we all know how hard it is to get one and then to keep it as well the name of the game is Defence well if you don't have an MC well forget about building Mass defence because your rations only go so far and my landing zones are almost level 25 and my training centre is level 80 and HQ is level 9 in rations and yet I still cant build 60+ million or 100 Million   defence like those with MC's LOL so that's why most players rather join combines with mc's in the past we have lost players to combines who all make promises off giving them more as they can make heaps and heaps of troops we as a combine are a small fish compared to those other combines that are like sharks LOL ..... Strike force may have been around for almost 3 years but we are just keeping our heads above water as more MC's are popping up in the game and more new combines are making their way up the ladder When the game only had a handful of MC's we were doing really good because most was owned by death Squad and Death Shield so we never lost players back then  now they just take off to those with MC's so I have thought well we are not good enough to have a mc we are a weak combine I came up with the idea off having fun like face book for the members to post stuff and rewards for those members who are active to combat our lack off MC... maybe one day who knows  in the mean time if there are still  good players left in the game who are level 50+ and are active and don't care about MC's  and don't mind been in a weaker combine that is not raked in the top 10  then  we would  love to hear from you .... Ps this topic is just my thoughts on how the game  and us as a  combine has changed nothing more nothing less

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