B.O.S.A is Recruiting Members

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7 January, 2016, 8:23 PM UTC

Black Operations Special Associates (B.O.S.A) 

[ Death Toxic Combine Presents ]

We are a new combine. My vision for this combine from the start was to make a Democratic combine, where all members are a part of a team. A combine without leaders that constantly give orders on how to play this game. Freedom under responsibility. The idea was to motivate all members to feel they belong amongst the other members. No more dictatorships, no more left alone. We are a team, so we should act as a team. Support your fellow members, and they will support you. 

B.O.S.A has started recruiting new members. With new methods and new tactics we have created this combine. It' already officially launched. 

Requirements to JOIN B.O.S.A

  • Level 50 minimum.
  • Minimum Defensive Requirements: 200k
  • Minimum Offensive Requirements: 500k
  • Player must have to follow the rules of B.O.S.A. Or else his membership will be terminated with a short notice.

To join us send a message to FUC (Recruitment Officer). For 2 weeks our training academy is open. 

If you want to know something about B.O.S.A or for any negotiations, please contact with PenBay ( 2nd in Command ).

Asн Da ßeasty ßoy ( Cheif Executive Officer )

Asн Da ßeasty ßoy
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