Not enough reward(s). Where are the crystals, tanks and helicopters?

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1 January, 2018, 3:45 PM UTC

I think it's a bug cause it was  advertised with a lot more rewards.

For this tournament I made a lots of enemies among the friendly neighbors. Some neighbors now want to raid my base everyday with their entire combine. Others want to gang rape me until I love them. Even my combine friends  can do very little to protect me if 70 guys attack me at the same time. 1 stimulant box of level 2 for all I have sacrifice and the risk that I wont be able to play the game after I attacked so many neighbors is not good enough.

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2 January, 2018, 12:37 AM UTC
Commander,,Every event has the possibility of granting some nice rewards..The harder you work in the designated event field,, the more "Tourney " points/PVP you can receive..The idea is to stay within the event scope..If you were doing PVP hits ( and thats what I think you were doing ) and the event was for "Tourney" points for completing in game task then Sir..You failed to fully understand what the event was about,,Read the event description carefully and stay within its event specs
Robert Shatz
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