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1 December, 2017, 3:34 AM UTC

There is a bug at the forum level.

When you leave a discussion that is composed of multiple pages, in order to return to the forum section that contains that discussion, you find yourself in a wrong page of the forum section, corresponding to the page number of the discussion you just left.


- you are on page 5 of a discussion.

- this discussion is on the subsection of the forum called "Bug Reports"

- you've finished reading and want to go back (on "Bug Reports", to read more discussions)

- If you click on "Bug Reports" while you are on page 5 of the discussion, you will find yourself on page 5 of the "Bug Reports" section; but instead, if you are on page 4, coming out from this point of the discussion, in this case you will find yourself on page 4 of the "Bug Reports" section, and so on.


I also take this opportunity to thank you for having implemented the ability to put personalized avatars on the game (loading them from your PC) ...

I also suggest adopting the same system here on the forum
(at present, here on the forum it seems to me that you can not put a custom avatar on your profile).

But be careful that animated gifs work correctly here on the forum.
Inside the game, I noticed that if you upload an animated gif, it remains motionless ; but here on the forum I think there is no problem to allow animated gifs work properly! (and perhaps even in the game might not be a problem?).

up to you to decide....

thanks anyway.


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Bill Almorra
1 December, 2017, 6:43 AM UTC
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Agent Helen
1 December, 2017, 9:34 AM UTC

Hi! Thanks for spotting the issue with pages, I have forwarded it to our developers. I'm glad you like the new feature of adding custom avatars on plarium.com. Hope other people will also like it. 

Regarding customized avatars here on the forum, it wasn't planned to implement them yet. 
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