Rewards for Daily Roll Call not received

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24 November, 2017, 6:10 PM UTC

On my todays day 90 login there was no payout of the rewards. On my last 90 day Daily Roll Call i had already the feeling that there was no payout. But was unable to proof. But today it was clearly visible! One example: yesterday I had 0 Drill instructors. Today after login and confirmation of the " Day 90 Daily Roll Call" dialog there was still no instructor. Also a browse refresh and restart did not help.

The rewards that are listet in the 90 day package did not show up.

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Technical Support
25 November, 2017, 9:29 AM UTC

HI! Please note that the Diamonds and other Daily Roll rewards are always auto-collected upon your first login during the day. Basically, the reward window is a notification of what was credited to you.

At the moment you access the game, units are forwarded to your Bunker, while items and Diamonds are stored in the "My items" window, where you can manually apply them at any time.

Regarding Drill instructors, I have sent you the screenshot of the game logs to your private messages, where your reward for day 90 is listed.

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