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Fixed and Known issues - Updated 02.11.2017

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Agent Pavel
1 November, 2017, 10:24 AM UTC

In this section, you will find a list of bugs that have been already reported to our developers. You will also find a list of issues that have already been resolved. If you notice that an issue marked as resolved is still malfunctioning, please let us know by commenting on the relevant thread.

The following issues have been fixed since the last update:

  • When attacking a Repository, the nature of your operation will now be displayed correctly in the Command HQ and the Tracking panel.

  • The requirements for expanding your Base are now displayed in a tooltip on the “Purchase” button.

Issues that have been already forwarded to the developers:

  • When typing a long text in the chat, the end of the text is covered by the chat buttons;

  • Mining Complex Tracking History. Reinforcements sent to a Mining Complex are not displayed. Only recalled troops are shown;

  • The voiceover in the description of ZHG does not work;

  • The “Combine Attack” button appears when you try to send/recall troops to/from the Bunker after you log in;

  • Players are sent to the Joint Ops Center instead of the Recruit Depot from the Recruit Depot quest;

  • An incorrect icon is displayed when you send spies and Offensive Units to a Repository at the same time;

  • Thulium pack. The number of resources you will receive after applying the packs is not displayed in the item activation window;

  • Players are not notified in the chat when two Combines declare a state of peace.

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