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New: Operative Missions

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New: Operative Missions

New: Operative Missions
Use Special Operatives to complete new missions and reap Rewards!



We've just finished setting up a new comm network. This system will be able to get you smaller jobs that are absolutely perfect for the practiced expertise of your Special Operatives. We call them Operative Missions, and you can use these to get serious Rewards in a whole new way.

Operative Missions are divided into 7 Echelons based on their estimated threat. The higher the Echelon, the more demanding the requirements will be, and the better Rewards you'll get at the end. Every day the Operative Mission list refreshes, discarding old Missions and bringing in new ones.

If there is a Mission you wish to complete but are unable to at the moment, you can lock it to prevent it from being discarded during the refresh. One fewer Mission will be brought in, though, until the locked Mission is unlocked, completed, or removed.

Missions in progress and completed Missions will both be locked automatically; however, they do not count as locked Missions during the refresh, and new Missions will be generated to 'replace' them.

You can also use Items – Dispatches – to add extra Missions. Dispatches can be obtained through a variety of activities and Special Offers. There are two types of Dispatches:
1. Low Threat Dispatch - Adds an additional 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Echelon Operative Mission.
2. High Threat Dispatch- Adds an additional 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th Echelon Operative Mission.

To start a Mission, you must:
- Assign Special Operatives to every slot
- Ensure that the Special Operatives you have assigned fulfill the Mission's Requirements

One Operative can meet multiple Requirements simultaneously, granting greater flexibility to any other Operatives assigned to the Mission.

Note: All Special Operatives participating in Operative Missions can be used in other activities, defusing Flashpoints or accompanying armies. They can also be Upgraded, Promoted, etc. However, each Operative can only participate in a single Operative Mission at a time.

In addition, a new Category of Syndicate Missions has been added: Operative Missions. Complete Missions of different Echelons to claim Rewards. A piece of advice: lock some Missions (usually higher Echelon Missions, as they don't show up often) until you can complete all of them during a single Syndicate Mission Rotation to finish this Category of Syndicate Missions and receive even greater Rewards!


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