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Is this an acceptable answer ????

Is this an acceptable answer ????

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Oct 1, 2018, 06:0710/01/18

Is this an acceptable answer ????

I have 2 platinum agreements in armory that give me a - 4% on rations when I removed one I was negative on rations so I upgraded 2 landing zones to level 25 which gives me -4% rations which shoud allow me to remove one of the plattinum agreements when I remove one I still go negative so its a glitch or their is no bonus and I am wasting my time upgrading to level 25 on landing zones When I upgrade fuel and munitions it shows that the offense and defense bonus has been applied their is no indication that the rations bonus has been applied

Commander, the bonus you receive from Landing Zones is not displayed in the game. This is not a bug.

Please note that different bonuses are applied in different ways. Some of them are applied to the basic values. I am unable to disclose the details to you. Nevertheless, you can discuss this matter with other players in Game Discussion thread.

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Your answer is unsatisfactory since I am not getting any benefit from upgrading landing zones and you do not indicate that the rations bonus has been applied and are unable to explain the basic operation of the game I will no longer be purchasing diamonds to prevent getting ripped off by any other unexplainable glitches that you are unable to disclose the details of

Oct 4, 2018, 02:2310/04/18

The answer he gave you is correct.  I actually took the time one day to figure out the order of bonuses for Ration Consumption.  The Rats Cards that give you a 2% decrease in consumption apply to the base value of the unit (1 per hour for light infantry, 2 per hour for heavy infantry, etc.)  The 2% Reduction that you get from the LZs being upgraded to Level 25 apply to an amount that is already reduced.

For example:

Light Infantry - Base Value of 1 per hour

Rats Card - 2% Reduction = 1 - 0.02 = 0.98

LZ @ Level 25 - 2% Reduction = 0.98 - 0.0196 = 0.9604

This calculation does not take into account the ATC reduction or the Training Center Rats Reduction either, which both apply before the 2% LZ reduction (if I remember my calculations correctly) nor does it take into account the HQ Rats Reduction or if the unit is Vet or not.  This is just a very basic example of what I am meaning.