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Use your improvement sketches

Use your improvement sketches

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Use your improvement sketches

           Use your improvement sketches

It's been a little over a year since the improvement sketches appeared on Soldiers inc. These objects are mainly used to improve the buildings of your base above level 20. But I sincerely think that some buildings have no interest to be improved above this level, or even advantageous for the enemy ... so why ruin these sketches ?

I will make you below the list of buildings to improve above level 20 in priority. Then I will make the list of buildings not to improve above level 20. Before to start, I want to say that it is my opinion, everyone plays as he wishes.


The bunker :

At level 20 (that is, at the maximum level without sketches) it will protect you 18,000 of your resources. If you have less than 18,000 fuel, ammo and rations, your enemy will not be able to take anything from you.

However you can protect a lot more ! At level 25 your bunker protects 50,000 of all your resources. But that's not all ! At level 22 of your bunker, the light units produced in the barracks go directly into it. And this, up to level 25 where your produced aviation units also come in directly.

According to a Sparta : War of Empires forum sources :

Level 21 -   150 Sketches /    2365 Diamonds

Level 22 -   350 Sketches /    4420 Diamonds

Level 23 -   600 Sketches /    7030 Diamonds    Light Infantry automatically sent to bunker after building

Level 24 - 1200 Sketches / 12915 Diamonds     Heavy Infantry automatically sent to bunker after building

Level 25 - 2000 Sketches / 22575 Diamonds     Armor automatically sent to bunker after building

Level 26 - 3000 Sketches / 32720 Diamonds     Combat Aviation automatically sent to bunker after building

The contracting office and the commander's office :

At level 22 (maximum level), these two buildings offer together, 20% more experience during battles, for me it is not negligible !


But there are useless buildings above level 20, even beneficial for your enemies such as storage depots or field kitchens.

Cumulative, these buildings bring you 1,500,000 storage capacity ... personally I do not see the interest. Should we still be able to fill them: for my part with the competition, I already have trouble reaching the 220 000 of traditional capacity.

In addition, if you are attacked with all these resources, your enemy will have fun. With a certain raid trick, your enemy can take 1 482 000 with your level 20 bunker ... unless you have it at level 25 ! In this case it will be able to take you more than 1 450 000. It is still too much ?  Do not improve these buildings, you will not use this ability, or exceptionally.


And there are others, those who for me, are sufficient at level 20 (for the moment) :

Ammunition factories, oil derricks, landing zones, ...


To get the sketches, you can buy them via the black market. Know that the more you take the most expensive pack the more it will be profitable, it all depends on your "budget".

If you want to know, I take the pack that contains 100 sketches for 1750 diamonds.

You can also get them for free in plarium gifts or during tournaments.