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Rations subtracted every seconds??????

Rations subtracted every seconds??????

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Jun 29, 2017, 03:5606/29/17

Rations subtracted every seconds??????

I would like to know why my rations is being subtracted every seconds?  What is the purposes for this?
Jun 29, 2017, 13:2006/29/17

mwright5758 said:

I would like to know why my rations is being subtracted every seconds?  What is the purposes for this?

Sounds like your troop consumption outnumbers your production. You can hover over your rations count (top middle) to see what your consumption and production is.

A good way around this is to throw inf/ hvy inf into ZHGs and convert them to armor/ aviation. Also, if you haven't maxed your Landing Zones yet, that helps. There's also the Air Traffic Control building to decrease consumption (probably the most useful, although you need the contract for that). There's also equipment that decreases ration consumption
Jun 29, 2017, 19:5106/29/17
Hmmm, I think you are right about this and did not realized that.  Thanks for the answer.  Good Luck and have fun play this game.
Jun 29, 2017, 20:0706/29/17
How do I convert my troops to armour/aviations??
Jun 29, 2017, 21:5806/29/17
mwright5758 said:

How do I convert my troops to armour/aviations??
The most common way is by doing S/Ds...send in the foots and bunker any/all Armor/ choppers you wim...I never send anything in an S/D that i can not build..If I can build it , I'll kill it...
Nov 25, 2019, 07:5211/25/19

that's just how i have always done it.

if i cant build it. 

then I'm going to hang on to it until i REALLY need it.

not just feed it to the meat grinder you know?

only sending walkers that have been upgraded to Lv.30.

but now I'm thinking it would be Prudent to upgrade them to MAX level as they all become SIGNIFICANTLY harder to kill when you do.

what you guys want to do to get around the food shortage problem (Which is Only Temporary)

first things first:

step 1.) in the training Center: Go strait down the middle without branching out at all. go strait down until you to reach "Ration consumption Reduction"  near the bottom, and up that one to until your food comes back out of the red. you'll want to Focus on Contract Negotiation speeds, while balancing your ration consumption levels with what you have going on.

step 2.) get your ATC (Air-Traffic Control Tower) built as fast as possible and Boost its upgrades as much as you can.

you'll have to balance a little bit, upgrading your kitchens to support the increasing amount of rats it will take to do the higher level upgrades.

Step 3.) Dump all of your walkers into the ZHG meat grinder and convert them to equipment which consumes less rats. bunker the equipment and train more men. Rinse and Repeat :)

step 4.) apply resource Production increase items.

step 5.) apply Ration Consumption Reduction Items.

and step 6.) is finally upgrade the landing zones. i know you would think this is the most important upgrade and should be like first right? upping the landing zones compared to the way i have said, really increases your food level very little.

because its not your production thats the problem. its your consumption that you need to bring down.

cheers yall :)

              "Fight Hard, And Good Hunting"                                     __________Lt.Stone