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Tactitcal: Take Advantage from the use of Protocols

Tactitcal: Take Advantage from the use of Protocols

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Sep 30, 2016, 08:3309/30/16

Tactitcal: Take Advantage from the use of Protocols


This short article NOT is a step to step guide, simply expressed some considerations about good advices for those who are completely inexperienced in this online game. Some basic considerations:

A) THIS (Soldiers Inc) online social game is one of the most, if not the most challenging games in the internet universe. So, you do not absolutely expect to have an easy life in this online game.

B) THIS (Soldiers Inc) online social game is a REAL WAR Game, full of ruthless mercenaries, ready to sell your skin just to get some oil barrels or box of ammunitions.

C) Survive in THIS (Soldiers Inc) online social game is one of the most fascinating experiences and simultaneously complex war strategies that a person may face.

With the introduction of the concept of "protocols", available through the UCAV deck, the developers of "The Syndicate" have made available a set of formidable "protocols", which allow each player - unbeknownst to anyone - can vary enormously a very large number of key factors of its development strategies and combat.

A very important aspect, not to say essential, is that these protocols are variable on three hours basis, and nobody in the zandian world can know what protocols you have active at any given time!

Hint: Players veterans know and can use this new customization tool, to change every 3 hours, fundamental aspects of their strategies and tactics.

A player with well developed protocols can really have significantly incremental bonus in many aspects, increasing resource production including Thulium, increasing training speed of units production, increasing base defence bonus and more and more others aspects.

But not only! Using special Access Codes a player can have instantaneous and excellent bonus, lots of immediate new troops and recons units, lots of immediate resources,  and more and more others.

The more exceptional aspect of this new implementation is that you can activate up to six protocols simultaneously, with a potential change of the game's parameters so large to have a very significant impact on the strategies and tactics used by every single player!

Develop at the highest levels and activate constantly these protocols is a vital key factor!

... and remember: nobody, but really nobody, can know what and how protocols you having active at this time!

Last but not least: I'm not an instructor! I do not provide aid, can not explain in detail, does not reveal strategies! Think with your head and ask for advice and help to the members of the combine that - i hope for you - you have already signed up!

Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
Sep 30, 2016, 10:5209/30/16

Thank you for sharing your expertise, Gul Vega!

Very well said!