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Smarts over Strength

Smarts over Strength

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Sep 6, 2016, 16:4709/06/16

Smarts over Strength

 As we all know, SOLDIERS INC. is a war game. War entails many things, most common to the public is the notion of 'boots on the ground' and 'guns in hand'. I am here to say that this isn't the only option. I learned recently that I can get more for less. Why resort to violence when you can get what you want by tossing around a few words? Some people prefer to show their superiority by taking what they want and I see nothing wrong with that method but I prefer to role play and this is where I differ to most players.

  I am trying to climb the ranks in the occupation rankings but because of my passive nature it isn't necessarily easy, and it shouldn't be. All of my surrounding region was under my control and I was looking to branch out even further. The problem occurred when I entered the radar of other players. As stated earlier, I am passive by nature. Be it video games, sports or social events, I prefer to pass under the radar unnoticed. To combat this I decided to just stand down and accept what I had already. Eventually players noticed me and started liberating some of the bases under my control for Syndicate missions. I was not comfortable with this because an act of aggression against a capture of mine is an act of aggression against me. Passive as I am, I accepted it. Eventually I lost most of my occupations. Due to  circumstances I stopped playing SOLDIERS INC. for a few moths and came back to nothing but my own base. New players moved into my neighborhood and I was a little fish in a sea of whales. I started to occupy the inactive bases that surrounded me again but was restricted because of the activity of the other players. I was trapped with nowhere to go. I decided that I would level up before attempting to spread out again. Long story short I started to contact the commanders who has possession of targets I wished to acquire. Some were nice enough to cooperate freely, a couple were actually  open to negotiate and set the stakes high. Then there were those that were completely lost and thought that I was complaining and 'crying' to them. This frustrated me a little bit but who am I to get upset? After all, they are accustomed to the barbaric way of taking what they wanted by any means necessary. Anyway, this article isn't about my life story, this is to show that there is more ways to get what you want.

  When negotiating there are a few things that you should remember.

  • When making an offer you have to be firm and direct but must also possess a certain level of humility. Even if it is fake, that could secure the deal.
  • When making an offer you need to know what you want and must not stray far from your offer.
  • When making an offer you should have something that your client wants. Be creative, even if the don't, find a way to convince them that they do. Maybe even cause them to need it by calling in a favor from one of your friends or associates.
  • When someone is negotiating with you you should stay firm. They want your compliance, make them earn it.
  • When someone is negotiating with you you should seek to gain more than offered.
    These are only a few things to try, I dare you to go and find more, maybe even post them here and let me know what happened.

    Well, this topic was a little unprofessional but I hope my ideas were received. Remember, nothing is wrong with fighting and the same goes for talking it out.
Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
Sep 7, 2016, 10:5609/07/16
Well written and very useful! I hope your experience will help other players as well. Moved to Game Tutorials.
Dec 17, 2017, 03:1212/17/17

i stay away you stay away, is how most of my ToN work. 

unless they're my neighbors, then its lets be friends because i don't like looking over my shoulder. let's work together and take advantage of being so close to one another. you watch my back, i'll watch yours.

also, i'll invite people to join my combine that i've been raiding regularly. it's not a :haha i got you" thing. 

most of my raid targets are combine less, and therefore look to be a dead base, if i find out their back, i drop them an invite. if they accept than obviously i have to find another target. if he doesn't, the i continue to raid him until he does, or send diplomatic standing my way. then we talk about it because i'm not trying to be a bully

am i being a bully? it sounds like i'm bullying people to join us? it's not even like that, they were MIA or something because all of my raids only found resources, there are never any units there so it's not like i was killing his men or something...anyway

Sep 8, 2016, 01:2309/08/16

Recently I was in negotiation with another commander and the process was stressful and long. Reason being is that he was unwilling to agree with my Terms of Negotiation(ToN) while I adhered to his.

Sparing classified details; There was a conflict between myself and another commander. I tried to negotiate with him but he didn't respond to me. I let it go. Not long ago he engaged my Base of Operations so I decided contact him again and notify my combine as I was way in over my head. My combine decided to help me out. Not long after they did the liaison of the enemy combine contacted me and requested that I stood down. I tried to explain the situation to him and start negotiations. He said that he would not negotiate unless I agreed to his conditions. I did. I set down some ToN as well. Since we spoke different languages my terms were that when addressing  each other we would speak in each others tongue to make it easier. Whenever I addressed him I spoke in french, whenever he addressed me he either french, spanish or portugese. Many times I requested that he speak in english so that it would be easier for me. I gave him one last chance and he responded in french. To avoid wasting anymore time I took it upon myself to set out clear guidelines as to how the truce was to operate. I gave a complete list of how things were going to work. No maybe, no choice, I gave strict details. The Liaison is to sent those requirements to the offender. Should the offender violate even one of the rules the deal is off and that is undesirable for him.

My initial plan was to go into negotiations and explain the situation, when everything was clear both sides would draw up rules and a neutral ground was to be found. The liaison failed to meet my ToN so I had to do it myself. I went into negotiations with a plan in mind. Honestly, the talk about neutral ground is rubbish because I had every intention of getting my way. Now, the terms are set and there is nothing he can do to gain advantages from my operation which he had a chance of doing if he complied with my ToN. Well, there goes another successful negotiation.