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Time Factor: A vital KEY for Rookies

Time Factor: A vital KEY for Rookies

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Apr 7, 2016, 09:4304/07/16

Time Factor: A vital KEY for Rookies


This short article NOT is a step to step guide, simply expressed some considerations about good advices for those who are completely inexperienced in this online game. Some basic considerations:

A) THIS (Soldiers Inc) online social game is one of the most, if not the most challenging games in the internet universe. So, you do not absolutely expect to have an easy life in this online game.

B) THIS (Soldiers Inc) online social game is a REAL WAR Game, full of ruthless mercenaries, ready to sell your skin just to get some oil barrels or box of ammunitions.

C) Survive in THIS (Soldiers Inc) online social game is one of the most fascinating experiences and simultaneously complex war strategies that a person may face.

If you have courage (and the nerve) to setting your foots in Zandia (the battlefield), you are assigned - from a secret organization named "The Syndicate" - a plot of desert with a few basic structures.

The same secret organization "The Syndicate" active, for only three days (72 hours), a protective shield on your tiny military installation.

This shield is to prevent that you'll be skinned alive by brutal mercenaries that populate Soldiers Inc.

So, do not make any aggressive action within 72 hours of your arrival in the battlefield, to avoid losing the precious shield of protection that was generously granted by "The Syndicate".


Because the Time Factor is a fundamental key when the game starts, my main suggestion is to try to raise the military installation, from starting level to level 15, in the first 24 hours of gameplay. How to do, it is not the purpose of this article.

There is an online tutorial, an field manual, there are the buildings to be constructed. Reason with your head and develops your in-game strategies.

In this way, you can use the remaining 48 hours to further strengthen your base, do the missions against the ZHG and it is prepared for the worst when the protective shield will cease to be active at the expiration of the seventy-second hour.

Also take advantage of the three days of protection provided by the shield, to adhere to a combine providing military academy service, to seek suggestions and coaching from the experienced members.

Marginally i also suggest you to start playing on Soldier Inc present at "" site.

A concept is crucial in this war game: Avoid playing in "solo mode"!

Last but not least: I'm not an instructor! I do not provide aid, can not explain in detail, does not reveal strategies! Think with your head and ask for advice and help to the members of the combine that - i hope for you - you have already signed up!

Jul 13, 2016, 11:2007/13/16

When conquering depots or repositories, don't spend too much time on target (lest you become a target yourself).

Get in, get out.