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Special Operative Pass. Dev Notes

Special Operative Pass. Dev Notes

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Mar 10, 2021, 09:0903/10/21

Special Operative Pass. Dev Notes


A brand new feature has come to Zandia: the Special Operative Pass! Let's go over how this new feature works so you can understand how you can use it to enhance your forces.

Accessing the Special Operative Pass

You must reach at least Level 40 and complete all the Special Operative Tutorial Operations to be able to access the Special Operative Pass and receive great Rewards.  

Special Operative Pass Basics

This feature is similar to the Battle Pass. It works in Seasons, each of which lasts one month (starting on the 10th of each month). When a Special Operative Pass Season ends, it refreshes your progress and you can begin earning Rewards and Bonuses again.

Over the course of a Season, you must complete Special Operative Pass Levels by spending Energy to engage Flashpoints and Threats with your Special Operatives. As you complete Levels, you earn Rewards and can unlock powerful Bonuses.

Special Operative Pass and Elite Operative Pass

Two types of Pass are available during the Special Operative Pass Season:

- Free Special Operative Pass

- Elite Operative Pass

The Free Pass is available to all players who can access the Special Operative Pass Season. The Elite Operative Pass must be purchased at the Bank.

If you hold an Elite Operative Pass, you get more Rewards as you progress through Special Operative Pass Levels, and you get access to powerful Bonuses.


Beyond the Rewards for completing Special Operative Pass Levels, you'll also have access to the Season Bank. 

This special Bank will store any Energy and Blue Diamonds you spend during the Special Operative Pass Season, up to its capacity. When the Season ends, a portion of the Energy and Blue Diamonds you banked will be returned to you, making for a sweet payday!

With the Elite Operative Pass, you'll also get access to extra Bonuses beyond the Season Bank.

Season Bank:

The Season Bank has 3 capacity Levels, and only the Level 1 Season Bank is accessible with the Special Operative Pass. Season Bank Levels 2 and 3 are only accessible with the Elite Operative Pass and they significantly increase the storage capacity of the Bank, giving you the potential for an even better payout come the end of the Season.

Extra Group Deployment Slots:

In addition to the ability to upgrade your Season Bank, the Elite Operative Pass lets you expand the number of Group Deployment Slots for your Flashpoint Task Force. As you complete Operative Pass Levels, you can get up to 10 more Slots for Group Deployments, for a total of 20 Slots.

Increased Energy Capacity:

The Elite Operative Pass also gives you the ability to unlock more Special Operative Energy Capacity. You can get a total of 250 Energy Capacity, after you've earned the extra 150 Energy Capacity from completing Special Operative Pass Levels.

Infinite Levels and Strongboxes:

Lastly, the Elite Operative Pass gives you access to infinite Levels! Once you max out your Special Operative Pass at Level 30, you can continue to earn Rewards with the Elite Operative Pass. Each Level you complete beyond Level 30 will grant you a Special Operative Strongbox. There are three types and they're full of helpful goodies.

Final Notes

When a Special Operative Pass Season ends, unclaimed Rewards will be handled automatically:

- Unclaimed Items will be directly added to your account.

- Unopened Special Operative Strongboxes will be moved to the "Goods" tab of the Inbox window. Warning: you can have a maximum of 300 Strongboxes in that tab. Be sure to open your Strongboxes, or you'll miss out on Rewards!

- Unclaimed Defectors will be added to the "Goods" tab of the Inbox window.

- Your Season Bank will automatically be emptied into your account. 

- Operative Pass Bonuses will end, whether they have been claimed or not.

Finally, note that purchasing the Elite Operative Pass will not grant you any Tokens - the ones used to earn Elite Containers.

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