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Special Operative Missions. Dev Notes

Special Operative Missions. Dev Notes

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AlinaCommunity Manager
Nov 13, 2020, 14:1911/13/20

Special Operative Missions. Dev Notes

Commanders, we're proud to announce a brand new feature: Operative Missions!

Send your Special Operatives out on Missions to help out interested parties throughout Zandia. Once each job gets done, you get paid in well-earned Rewards!

In addition to the Operative Missions themselves, we have also created a new Category of Syndicate Mission for Operative Missions. Complete these Syndicate Missions by finishing Operative Missions of ever-greater difficulty.

Operative Missions are available to all users who have reached level 60 or higher.

The Operative Missions Category of Syndicate Missions will be visible at level 40, but cannot be completed until Operative Missions are unlocked at level 60.

Starting an Operative Mission

Operative Missions are divided into 7 Echelons. The higher the Echelon, the higher the requirements and the better the pay.

Every Mission has Requirements, as well as a number of slots that must be filled by Special Operatives before the Mission can begin. Higher Echelon Missions have more demanding Requirements.

Requirements might need 1 or more Operatives to be:

  • a certain Tier;
  • a certain Rank;
  • or a certain Specialization.

One Special Operative can fulfill multiple Requirements simultaneously, allowing greater flexibility to any other Special Operatives assigned to the Mission.

Try using a single Special Operative that can fulfill as many requirements as possible, then using very weak Special Operatives to fill out the rest of the slots. Keep your best Operatives for the toughest Missions.

You can choose Special Operatives for Missions manually, or use the Auto Select option to pick out the most suitable Operatives automatically.

Once all the Requirements are met, you can head out on the Mission.

Special Operatives on a Mission can still be used in other activities, like leading Armies, defusing Flashpoints, or protecting your Base.

They can also be Upgraded, Promoted, and even discharged (though, a discharged Operative will hardly be able to participate in another Mission once the one they're on is over).

However, each Operative can only participate in a single Mission at a time.

Completing a Mission

After a Mission has begun, you have several ways to end it:

1. Wait until it is completed on its own.

2. Boost the Mission with Diamonds to complete it instantly.

3. Remove the Mission. A removed Mission is lost, with no option to restart it, but it will free up the Operatives that had been assigned to it to be used on other Missions.

When the Mission is completed, you can claim the reward. However, it's not necessary to do so right away.

Thanks to Syndicate Missions, your Operative Missions can be worth even more. Saving up completed Operative Missions of higher Echelons can help you finish more difficult Syndicate Missions within a single Rotation, allowing you to get closer to Category Completion and receive even greater Rewards!

Mission Refresh

Every day the Operative Mission list refreshes, discarding old Missions and bringing in 5 new ones.

If there is a Mission you do not want to lose, you can lock it. However, locked Missions will not be refreshed at all, meaning you'll receive 1 fewer Mission during the refresh for each locked Mission.

Missions in progress and completed Missions will both be locked automatically, but, unlike Missions you locked yourself, they won't count as locked Missions during the daily refresh - new Missions will still appear.

The maximum number of Missions you can have is 100, and the maximum number of locked, completed, or in-progress Missions is 85.

If you're planning on holding on to juicy completed Missions, don't hold TOO many!

Additional features

Mission Boost

You can boost Missions that are in progress using Diamonds. Missions that initially take less than 60 minutes to complete can be boosted for free - but a Mission that takes 90 minutes (for example) cannot be boosted for free, even after it has been going for 30 minutes.

Mission Replacement

If you don't like the Missions you've got, you can replace them all with different ones by spending a few Diamonds.

It costs more Diamonds the more Missions you replace at once, but it can help you get access to Missions of higher Echelons.


The filter in the Operative Missions window is slightly different than normal, making it easier for you to search through your Missions. Choose which Echelons of Missions you want to see, and choose between showing Missions that are Completed, Not Completed, or both.


You can use single-use Items – Dispatches– to add extra Missions.

There are two types of Dispatches:

1. Low Threat Dispatch- Each adds an additional 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Echelon Operative Mission.

2. High Threat Dispatch- Each adds an additional 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th Echelon Operative Mission.

Dispatches can be obtained through a variety of activities and Special Offers.

Note: you can have only 300 of each type of Dispatch in your possession.

Syndicate Missions and Operative Missions

As mentioned before, the new Operative Missions Category has been added to Syndicate Missions. Now, you can earn even more Rewards!

These new Syndicate Missions ask you to complete Operative Missions of higher and higher Echelons. It can be difficult to complete them all in a single Syndicate Mission Rotation, but with planning, tenacity, and a little luck, you can do it. Complete the whole Category and reap even more Rewards!

Please note that while Syndicate Missions are available to Commanders at Level 40, this Category of Syndicate Missions cannot be completed until you unlock Operative Missions at Level 60.

Alright, Commander, it's time to get those Special Operatives in gear. Access your Operative Missions, get your assignments in order, and get yourself paid!

Nov 14, 2020, 03:4411/14/20

The experience from Stormfall is proof that this is a good feature. 

AlinaCommunity Manager
Nov 27, 2020, 08:4511/27/20

The experience from Stormfall is proof that this is a good feature. 

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you've liked it! 🤗