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Puzzles. Dev Notes

Puzzles. Dev Notes

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Puzzles. Dev Notes

Commanders, we've begun a full-scale Infowar with the Network. Obtain Code Ciphers to crack the Network's communication systems, allowing us to try and suborn their Units and learn their combat protocols for powerful Bonuses. 

Decrypt Code Ciphers to gain Puzzle Pieces. Complete the Puzzle and use the comm system to turn a division of Units from the Network. That Unit Type will also receive a one-time permanent Bonus of +10% to Offense and Defense from the combat protocol we uncover the first time we complete their Puzzle.


Puzzles represent the code for a node in the Network's communication systems. Each Puzzle consists of 25 unique Pieces, and corresponds to a Type of Unit. Your objective is to collect all the Pieces of a Puzzle - do this, and you can use the comms to convince 1000 of those Units to abandon the Network and join your forces. That Unit Type will also be granted a one-time permanent Bonus of +10% to Offense and Defense.

Some Puzzles Pieces are harder to find. The Puzzles and their Pieces have rarities based on the Units they will get you access to:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Code Ciphers

Each Code Cipher contains one Puzzle Piece of the comm's code structure. You must decrypt the Code Cipher to work it out. You can get Code Ciphers from all manner of places, including Events, Tournaments, Ops, and Special Offers.

There are three types of Code Ciphers, which grant Puzzle Pieces of increasing rarity:

Alpha Protocol Code Ciphers

  • Common Piece: 53% chance
  • Uncommon Piece: 45% chance
  • Rare Piece: 2% chance

Delta Protocol Code Ciphers

  • Rare Piece: 70% chance
  • Epic Piece: 30% chance

Omega Protocol Code Ciphers

  • Epic Piece: 75% chance
  • Legendary Piece: 25% chance

Of the 25 Pieces needed to complete the Puzzle, the Piece you receive will be random. Duplicate Puzzle Pieces contain code of a part of the node and can be used to signal 10 of the Units matching the Puzzle to join your efforts.


The feature is available to Commanders that are Level 50 or higher. Commanders below Level 50 can still receive Code Ciphers as Rewards, but can only decrypt them after reaching Level 50.


From a Complete Puzzle

When you complete a Puzzle for the first time, you receive:

  • +10% Permanent Bonus to Offense and Defense of Units corresponding to the Puzzle. 
  • 1000 Units corresponding to the Puzzle

Every time you complete the Puzzle after the first, you receive:

  • 1000 Units corresponding to the Puzzle.

From Duplicate Pieces

There are 25 Pieces in every Puzzle. Receiving a Puzzle Piece you’ve already got will not get you any progress towards completing the Puzzle, but - as previously mentioned - it will grant you 10 of the Puzzle’s Units immediately as a Reward.

If you have any comments or questions, let us know. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions you can give us.

Now get out there and take the Network apart!