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Sam the Pest

Sam the Pest

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Feb 14, 2020, 23:4102/14/20

Sam the Pest

Hi Everyone for those who don't know this guy he is nothing but a pest his name is Sam's Base -690 - 1000 combine name default moves around a lot and has the brains of a stick insect loves wasting money on nukes has lost over 20k of his tanks 95% off his offence wiped out by another player. Sam  loves to run off with the mouth believes Gunny is  Piss weak   says that he is better then everyone else so to give everyone here an idea on what type of player this guy is here are his   losses and I will also put up comments made by him what he has said about Gunny so as everyone can see from his comments he thinks he's Number one so I told him he can add lies to his CV started up Resume for him If anyone knows who's behind this Sam please leave details on  SAM, the Prickly, Pussilanimous Pest

Here is his CV

Name # Sam

Address # USA

D.O.B 25/12/1999

occupation # Bullshit artist

Hobby # Taken on the Weak ,wasting money

Dislikes # Gunny , Semper Fi and any one else who is better then me

Skills #  Weakness  telling lies  and getting others to do my dirty work

Goals # becoming number 1 in my dreams  and  taken on real combines