VIP Status Creates New Unfair and Unequal Advantages

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27 December, 2017, 7:20 PM UTC

4 those of u enjoying the new VIP advantages know it will b why everyone else will quit the game. VIP status is a sign that the game is dying. It is what they do so u will continue 2 spend your money. games do it when other things do not work to hook u & reel u in. it makes me wayy  sad & it is why i will quit the game. happy holidays & i will miss u all when i finally decide the game itself has added 1 too many inequities. 

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Alina Bright
Community Manager
28 December, 2017, 9:27 AM UTC

Hello, Commander! Why do you think so? VIP players have some benefits, but it doesn't influence on game balance, thus, I disagree with you and I believe your fears are not grounded. 

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28 December, 2017, 10:51 AM UTC

Hello Gamegirl;

With all new features I think there is the worry of change.. We seen it praise and dismay for annex additions, missiles, and other new features.. but the developers do listen to information the CMs (Community Managers) pass up.

Just some features I've noticed from community involvement was mercenaries (it was suggested that new units especially special units be added) as well as new elite levels (questions about what to do with elite points after maxed)..

I tell you I've played a few strategy games.. and while I think many on their forums try to spell put strategy.. I've found here many find a strategy that works for them and they hold it in.  

I'd love to pick your time, and see what suggestions you may have to make the game better in months to come..

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