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7 July, 2017, 12:03 AM UTC


I wish to tap in to some of your creativity.  I've written a short story (fictional) about a day in Selva de Fuego.. Enjoy, and share your creativity as well..  

WSO CMD – ORDERS Z-38-00345 – 040030ZJUL38

WSO Command had found a stockpile of new gear; however they did not want to give it out to just any group without something in return. They placed an order out for a 4th of July strike against Phoenix Industries, specifically against the Alpha Wolves (Nigel “The Jackal” Wilson) and The Fringe (Gianpaolo Di Cesare). The Jackal being a contract killer was teaming up with The Fringe over the past few months to conduct ambushes against WSO convoys with increased accuracy. WSO needed a win to push them back to get their convoys on the go again.

Commander --**Classified**-- accepted the contract and set out early on July 3rd with Stalker Scouts and a contingency of Hellhoud Scouts if they ran in to trouble. They set-up outside a camp the group of Phoenix Industries assailants had on one of the major convoy routes. They had a single Firewolf UCAV above in case they were spotted, so they could make a quick extract from the area. On one side of the camp though was a dense jungle of Selva de Fuego that gave the scouts concealment from detection. They were able to find that the Mercenaries slept while the Shock Troops kept guard of the camp. The Locust Armored Units were all parked together in a perfect place for a bombing run. However the scouts then saw something they didn’t expect; the outfit must have captured Sofia from Armatekh because in the camp they saw Sofia. They at once radioed all the information back, which was forwarded straight to WSO. The WSO advised that the latest technology was with Armatekh and raised the priority of this mission; for fear that the technology was lost.

As Commander --**Classified**--was embarking his troops to the rally point another Commander saw an opportunity to seize the contract from WSO command. The other Commander launched two (2) Skypiercer Missiles attempting to wipe the camp out, however they were poorly placed and did minimal damage. All it was accomplished was taking the element of surprise away from the original Commander. Gianpaolo Di Cesare immediately contacted Phoenix Industries who dispatched Phoenix troops towards the area. The mission was going south in a quick manner, therefore the time was now.

Marines supported by Reaper ExoFrames crossed the Line of Departure. A full scale frontal attack, as a squad of Marines started to Flank. The UCAV above started to fire on the Locust Units prior to them being able to join the fight. The Marines and Repears were in deep battle with the Mercenaries and Shock Troops. The scouts watched on and noticed that the reinforcements from Phoenix Industries were getting close. If those reinforcements got to the battle they would be finished. They quickly made a radio call over the Alliance’s radio channel, an all call. The battle was getting grim as the reinforcements were now arriving and joining The Jackal and The Fringe in battle. Gianpaolo Di Cesare caught a ride out of the battle leaving his troops to fight. When overhead the soar of engines filled the jungle. The Marines and Repears dug in tight, as a contingency of Equalizer Bombers came overhead from an allied Commander. The bombers released their bombs ending the conflict.

In the wake, somehow The Jackal escaped… but the Marines found Sofia still alive and rescued her. She rewarded the --**Classified**-- Commander handsomely for her rescue with gear and resources. The WSO had it convoy route back, but the Commander knew this wasn’t the last that they met The Jackal.. He wondered how he could escape the bombers grasp… as he got ready for another day in Selva De Fuego…

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10 July, 2017, 1:27 PM UTC
Nice idea! 
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