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Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

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28 September, 2016, 12:19 PM UTC

Commanders, welcome to the thread where we list the improvements suggested by our valued players that unfortunately will not be implemented for various reasons.

1. Add a confirmation to the instant upgrade feature. There is a confirmation when the instant upgrade costs more than 100 Diamonds, but there isn't when the upgrade costs less than 100 Diamonds so we decided to let it be as it is.

Please read this thread before posting your own suggestion.

April 13, 2018

The Suggestions that were declined:

1. Show the date when the player has joined the Alliance;

- This small feature is rather technically hard to implement. Also, it will take quite some time for the developers, while the benefits of “join date” are not considerable.

2. Add the separate chat for the game news (Black sites, HQ downgrade, e.t.c.)

- On the current stage we’re not planning to do so, however, it’s possible that we will see something like this as a part of another Chat feature in future.

3. Make the presets for troops (Recon);

- It’s also hard to implement due to the server math. The number of these troops will always change, and it will be a considerable load on the servers to handle such requests to check if you have the needed amount of the troops of the needed type in your preset.

Please read this thread before posting your suggestion. Thanks for your understanding! 

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