New Annexes!

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18 April, 2017, 1:09 PM UTC

New Annexes!

Build Annexes to give your Units powerful Bonuses!


Excellent news! You can now build new Annexes around your Base! These Annexes will improve the statistics of your various Units, including:

- Movement Speed of all Units

- Combat Aviation Offense

- Combat Aviation Defense

- Armored Unit Offense

- Armored Unit Defense

- Light and Mechanized Infantry Offense

- Light and Mechanized Infantry Defense

The higher the Level of your Annex, the greater the bonus your Units will receive from it.

With the help of a special new Item – an Annex Site Unlocker - players can unlock an additional Site to construct an Annex on. You may find this Item as part of your Bank’s Special Offers.

Build more Annexes and make your army more powerful than ever!

- WSO Command

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