Get more XP from Battles!

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20 March, 2017, 12:30 PM UTC

Experience Boost

Get more XP from Battles!

Planning an epic Battle in the near future? Make sure you are rewarded for your efforts by using a brand new item: the Experience Boost!

Experience Boosts allow you to increase the amount of Experience Points you receive from Battles by 50% for a 4 hour or 12 hour period.

Remember: the more Experience Points you earn, the faster you will level-up, allowing you to unlock Hero Skills and other awesome bonuses!

Please note that the Experience Boost will not increase the amount of Tournament Points you receive during XP Tournaments. Your score will be calculated according to the number of Experience Points you would have earned without the Boost.

To start earning more Experience Points today, get an Experience Boost from the store in the "Misc." tab of the "Items" section.

- WSO Command

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