Updates To Unit Hiring Queues!

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31 January, 2017, 3:42 PM UTC

Updates To Unit Hiring Queues!

Get your Units quicker!


The WSO has made improvements to the way Hiring Groups and Hiring Queues work.

From now on, you no longer have to wait for a Hiring Group to be completely finished for you to assign your Units. You can now assign Units as soon as they are hired. When Units are being hired, the number in green on the icon above the Hiring Building will show you how many Units are ready to be assigned. Simply tap on this to add the shown number of Units to your army instantly.

Additionally, you can now add Units to a Group while it is still being hired, instead of needing to start a new Group.

For example: if your Armor Depot allows you to hire Groups of 10 Units, and you create a Hiring Group of 5 Sekira Drones, you can now add another 5 Sekira Drones to the original Group even after the hiring has begun. You can do this even if you have already created Groups of other Units in the same Queue. 

Use these improvements to hire the most powerful army you can! 

- WSO Command

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