Temporary Base Skin!

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3 January, 2017, 3:16 PM UTC

Temporary Base Skin!

Get a Temporary Base Skin and unlock powerful Bonuses!


It’s time to get serious about Base Defense. To help you, WSO has released a brand new item: the Temporary Base Skin! Get a Temporary Base Skin to change the appearance of your Base on the Map and benefit from additional Bonuses that come with it.

Base Skins can be found at the Bank. Scroll through the offers listed there to find the one called "Base Skin and Boost Pack", then tap on "Details" to see what bonuses it offers.

After you have purchased the pack, go to your Inventory, Base tab, find your Skin and tap "Apply" to activate it. After the Skin has been activated, you'll find it in the "Active" tab of your Inventory.

If you see another Commander on the Map with an active Base Skin, you can tap on their Base to find out about all the powerful Bonuses Base Skins can bring. If you would also like to take advantage of these Bonuses, tap “Get Skin” to give your own Base a much needed boost!

Get to it, Commanders!

- WSO Command

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