Call In Alliance Support!

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22 November, 2016, 12:54 PM UTC

Call In Alliance Support!


There's a new way to maximize your potential - Alliance Support!

Alliance Support allows Alliance Members to boost each other’s Constructions and Upgrades, send Resources to each other, call for Reinforcements, and even strategize and coordinate large-scale attacks!

You can access Alliance Support from the Alliance Center. There are two Alliance Support tabs, labelled “Building Support” and “Combat Support.”


Building Support Requests allow Alliance Members to boost their development by reducing the time it takes for Buildings to be constructed or upgraded. Request Building Support for any Construction or Upgrade over 5 minutes by tapping “Request Support” on the Action Panel or from within the building’s interface itself.

Each time you request Building Support, your Alliance Members will see your Request in the “Building Support” tab of the Alliance Center.

Each time an Alliance Member responds to your Support Request for any given Construction or Upgrade, the time remaining to complete that process will be instantly reduced. The more Alliance Members that support you, the faster your Construction or Upgrade will be.

The number of Commanders who can respond to each of your Requests is limited by the Level of your Alliance Center and Alliance HQ. The Level of these Buildings also affects the amount of time by which any Construction or Upgrade is allowed to be reduced by: the higher their Levels, the bigger the reduction in time may be.


Combat Support allows Alliance Members to assist each other by sending Resources, Reinforcements, or Attacks to requested targets. Each time you request Combat Support, your Alliance Members will see your Request in the “Combat Support” tab of the Alliance Center. You can create Combat Support Requests by tapping “Create Request” within this tab, or by locating a target manually.

There are three types of Combat Support Requests:

- Reinforcement Requests: If you are in urgent need of Reinforcements, you can call on your Alliance Members to send Reinforcements to your Base. Every Alliance Member is allowed to create this type of Request, although you may only have one Reinforcement Request active at a time.

- Resource Requests: You can ask other Alliance Members to send you Resources. Simply select the type of Resource you require and the amount you need, then create the Request.

- Attack Requests: This type of request allows you to ask Alliance Members to assist you by attacking other Bases, Black Sites, or Alliance HQs. Alliance Marshals are responsible for authorizing Members to create Attack Requests on Black Sites and Alliance HQs, but all Alliance Members can create requests to attack other Bases.

Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Use Alliance Support to your advantage today!

- WSO Command

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