Exactly which factors influence the outcome of a Battle?

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1 February, 2017, 4:48 PM UTC

You asked, we answered! Lots of you wanted to know exactly which factors influence the outcome of a Battle. Here's the answer:

The outcome of any Battle is determined by the overall strength of the armies on each side of the conflict.

Factors influencing Defensive and Offensive strength could be:

- The number of Units sent to the Battle

- Bonuses applied to Units (Nanochips, Offense/Defense Boosts, Hero Gear, etc.)

- The defending side’s Base Defense Bonus, and the Level of their Defensive Annexes, if the Battle takes place at a Base

- Reinforcements sent by other Commanders

- Bonuses from the Alliance HQ and Alliance Tech

There is also a range of other factors that will influence the Strength on both sides of a Battle, meaning that results can be unpredictable.

We would encourage you to visit our Official Communities, where players share their experiences and discuss tactics that can be used to minimize Unit losses in Battle.

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