How to do Special ops and showing you some game mistakes

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27 January, 2017, 9:23 PM UTC

--How to specil ops--

The first thing you should know about special ops is how much power is worth each unit,

-The guy with the white mask is worth 2
-The guy with the other mask is worth 40
-The tank is worth 60
-The plane is worth 80

Next, is checking how much power does special ops have so how do we do this? We send only 1 troop to see the numbers.
Once you have the numbers you multiply it by the power of each unit.
i.e. If your attack shows 50 guys with a white mask, 80 guys with the other mask, 1000 tanks, and 500 planes. 

You multiply 2x50=100, you multiply 40x80=3200, you multiply 1000x60= 60000, you multiply 500x80=40000

Then you add 100+3200+60000+40000 = 103300. Now you know how much power does this special ops has.

Note: It is good to do a table with how much power each level of special ops has but it will always change. It will add or take troops what I mean with this is if a special ops level 44 is worth 103300, the next time you do it, it can have 100000 or 105000.

After knowing how much power does the special ops have you then proceed to check if its defense type or attack type

Note: Scouts are good for the defense type. Do not use them for the attack type.

After knowing now the power and the type of the ops, we then proceed to send the troops. To optimize your attacks as best as you can. You might want to equip or unequip your hero's clothes, let's say if you are attacking with infantry troops, you might want to equip your tier 1 legendary gun +5 which is worth +20% for infantry type. Equipping and unequipping can be annoying but you will have more defense or attack power.

Research and hero's clothes will add immediately to the troops, let's say if 21 scouts have 840 defense after equipping good clothes and having a high defense scouts research your scouts will then worth 980 defense so it can be important to have the right clothes on.

When attacking it is best to check if you are attacking only with infantry, mecha, etc troops and if they are the defense or attacking type so you do not lose many troops.

Note: If you send attack type troops against the defense type special ops, it will only count the defense that those attack types have.

How would I attack the 103300?

I would send 6000 or 7000 less than the power that is showing, why? Because if you send more troops you will LOSE them! So please don't do this.

When you send less power to attack the special ops, the ops will have more losses. Unfurtonely I forgot to take a screenshot and I don't play anymore I will tell you later why. So if you send 97000 of power the enemy troops will have 100000 loses.

After knowing how much power the enemy has left, you can finish it without losing many troops. How? 

So continuing with the example before the enemy would have 3300 left, my strongest unit at this moment would be a helicopter with 1200 attack and 1100 defense. So what do I do? I send 2300 power in troops so I lose 2300 and the ops will lose 2300.

The remaining troops for the special ops are 1000 and I have a helicopter higher than this, I send the attack with only the helicopter and I won't lose any troops.

Image 1

--Game errors--

Case 1

Look at this two images.

Image 2

Image 3

If you look at it properly you will see that in the first image it says 17 tanks and loses 4, in the second image it shows 12 tanks but 17-4=13. I know is not that big of a number but imagine when you are attacking with a lot of troops and they disappear without you noticing.

Case 2

Look at this two images again. 

Image 4

Image 5

If you look at this two images properly again, you will find this errors, first once again in the first attack it shows 74 planes and loses 25 and that would be 49 but in the second image, it only shows 48 planes. The next error is I am sending the same amount of tanks in both attacks, and they have the same power but in the first image the enemy loses 4432 and in the second image, the enemy loses 4494. Once again for this example, the numbers are low but imagine an attack with much more troops.

Case 3

This is an attack with much more troops than the ops

Image 6

As you can see I did an attack with 204350 defense power and the enemy had 198010 defense power. I am 100% sure if I would have sent an attack with 195000 defense I would have won the battle as well.

After looking at every game aspect, and looking at these mistakes I decided to not continue playing, why? Because I have played for 1 month and I have played a lot of games like this and I know that as time passes people will have much more troops and if you sent an attack with a lot of troops you will lose more than the other person, so you will have to spam attacks and if I want to attack a guy from 2 hours away, I will have to spam attacks there and it can be pretty boring. Not to mention if I did an attack to someone with more than 5 million I wonder how many troops I would lose out of nowhere. There is also some things in the game that can be annoying but that is how the designers wanted it to be and every game is different so good luck to everyone! Sorry if you could not understand me properly since English is not my first language. 

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28 January, 2017, 10:50 AM UTC

Thanks a lot for your explanation; you obviously put a lot of effort into it.

This brings up a lot of questions for a new player such as I am.

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30 January, 2017, 2:48 PM UTC


Thanks for these useful tips, DDFAAD! 

Please, send your coordinates to this topic so I could give you an award.

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3 February, 2017, 1:01 PM UTC
That is some essential intel right there. Good stuff and thanks. 
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19 April, 2017, 9:10 PM UTC

Hi my friend!

Just reading this, it was wonderful. Now I´ve cleared my mind about if is worth to invest in this game or not. Clearly, by the way the Spec Ops works (found by you) and the mechanics recently explained about this (in the forum by an admin), I will not spend any money on this, Clearly the system is very unfair, not rewarding and money sucking.

Thank you a lot for this analysis and for charing it.
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19 April, 2017, 10:57 PM UTC

Spending money, on the game is a personal choice.  Some enjoy speeding up processes and some speciality items come in the packs that give you a boost.  Its all up to your strategy and game play :)

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20 April, 2017, 10:04 AM UTC
wittygamer said:

Spending money, on the game is a personal choice.  Some enjoy speeding up processes and some speciality items come in the packs that give you a boost.  Its all up to your strategy and game play :)

You're absolutely right, Commander! 
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