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Don't miss your chance to win 2,000 Marines!

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Strela Alpha
11 February, 2017, 1:02 PM UTC

Leave a comment for a chance to win 2,000 Marines!

In 2024, GS8 acquired the rights to the former US, British, French, and Australian Marine Corps, creating a collection of some of the most well-trained soldiers ever hired by a PMC into a single privatized, elite unit.

The GS8 Marines are contractually guaranteed share options in their parent company, which keeps them sharp and motivated to succeed in combat zones. 

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11 February, 2017, 1:22 PM UTC

I'll take the 2,000 marines. Could use them since my base was wiped a few days ago.

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11 February, 2017, 2:57 PM UTC

Free troops 

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Solrac Anodrac
17 February, 2017, 2:27 PM UTC
the best, brightest and best 
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18 February, 2017, 2:01 AM UTC

Nice work plarium 

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21 February, 2017, 8:21 AM UTC

Funny thing, all infantry are universal but nanochip for marines is only defencive.

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Andrew Adamson
21 February, 2017, 2:01 PM UTC

It is time to announce the result of our competition!

2,000 Marines are going to SOLRAC ANODRAC!


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