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Saved contacts removed, but not deleted

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3 June, 2017, 2:58 PM UTC

When you have saved inactive players as Contacts so they would be easy to stalk and raid, this will be a problem:

If a player is inactive for a long time (42 days or less), that player are removed from the map, and you can't interact with that base any more.

As I have multiple scouts and multiple raids going to bases that are saved in my Contact List, every now and then I get this message: "This player has been inactive for a significant period of time. Their Base has been removed from the Map"   There are no info of who this player were or any coordinates where this base was. 

So far it's okay, until...

When a player that is removed from the map, that player is also removed from the contacts, but they still occupy one Contact Space.
Therefor my contactlist is getting shorter and shorter, and when trying to add a new contact this message comes:  "Maximum number of Contacts reached. Delete Contacts or get additional space for Contact with Intel files."

How can a delete a contact that is stored but not listed? 
There are no way to see that player in my contact list, and therefor there are no way to delete that contact from the list either. 


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7 June, 2017, 11:07 AM UTC
Please, contact Support team - I think it's a bug and they can fix it.
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