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Prices for packs too unfair

Prices for packs too unfair

Mar 26, 2017, 10:5003/26/17

Prices for packs too unfair

Dear developers.... i have enjoyed playing your game and bought many packs...until ive noticed....packs prices for noobies( under lvl 30 or 40 ) are really cheap.... but for us people higher leveled... its expensive. I understand youre trying to keep it cheap for the noobies so that they would buy it and continue playing... but the prices for us is too high compared to the noobies prices. What i suggest is youall change the prices for us or make the prices the same... Thanks for reading and i hope u would change the prices for higher level
Mar 26, 2017, 11:0103/26/17
It doesnt mean when we're more professional in the game we have to pay more for the packs
Mar 27, 2017, 09:5203/27/17

Commanders, you know that we have regular Bank Offers and Special Offers with bonuses.

Special Offers appear according to a set algorithm which is constantly evolving. Several departments work on the development of that algorithm and they rely on analytics data, marketing research and other information they receive through their research channels.

If you don’t like your current Offers or find them expensive, you can wait for better ones, and they will appear sooner or later. 

Mar 30, 2017, 11:5903/30/17
So you are saying that if I don't buy packs for a while I will get the £20 packs again instead of only being offered £100 packs all the time. I have also noticed that it seems to be much less expensive to play in US vs UK. Explain why you are ripping us off please. 
Mar 31, 2017, 08:0603/31/17

Here in Australia after conversion we are paying an extra $20 US in comparison to what the Americans have to pay....

Our packs prices in Australia are $159 AUD. 

US packs prices are $99.99 US.

$159.99 AUD = around $121 US after dollar conversion.

Why are we paying an extra 20 US dollars?
Mar 31, 2017, 08:0803/31/17
Mar 31, 2017, 08:09(edited)

Plus the fact that you punish people who spend more is very anti consumer and anti incentive.


Apr 1, 2017, 00:5204/01/17

The game is beginning to not be enjoyable anymore because of the pricing.  We've had members close their accounts and quit altogether. I've not seen a package under 100 USD in a while.  Games are supposed to be for fun, not an investment. I guess when enough have quit playing they'll be more fair with pricing. But by then it will be to late.  There have been many games go because of greed. This will be another one. Other games have seen it happen and are much easier on your pocket than this one.

Apr 2, 2017, 14:3104/02/17

packs are carefully determined by analytics team 

they collect all needed data of the server and they make a decision 

i can not say what are the pricing constraints because i dont know you can ask support for that details 

Mar 30, 2020, 22:2603/30/20
Mar 30, 2020, 22:34(edited)
I have enjoyed playing this game immensely and was spending some money to support the developer. At first it was reasonable but now I feel I am being manipulated and feel like I am being screwed. The prices are ridiculous and everything becomes more expensive. This game is a cash grab and they dont care if it last they make their money and move on to the next. Mobile games and Corporate greed is ruining the gaming industry. I feel so stupid of how much I already spent. They are like drug dealers. They give a good size at first and then make everything more smaller and more expensive. They charge for everything. Energy, Silver, Gems etc... It shouldn't cost close to 700000 silver to go from level 14 to 15 on an artifact. Just to grind more silver to lose all your energy and other materials. What a great deceitful game. I am done. It is a shame to.
Mar 30, 2020, 22:4503/30/20
20 dollars for silver that will not level up 1 artifact all the way. X p for a day and energy for 20 dollars. Shame on these developers.  Greed is a sin that will get you in the end.
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