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Fodbor the Bard

Fodbor the Bard

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Fodbor the Bard

Questions. There are always countless questions in Fodbor's head, most of which remained unanswered. On the one hand, curiosity helped him gain new knowledge, acquire and develop skills, he gained experience and this allowed him to survive every time in the cruel world of endless wars. On the other hand, it was his curse, because Fodbor simply had to take every new unusual find with him from the battlefield in order to study it later in a calm atmosphere.

Would you pass by the fourth vertebra of Frostskin from the time of the great battle, on which there are only a couple of scratches? How can you not take with you a ladle of Guurda, on which traces of dried reed potion are clearly visible? What's it? It seems to be the ashes that once again remained from the proud orc. Great! There was a Satyr skin pouch somewhere. Avir will definitely like it.

Every time someone didn't return from the battle, it was a cause for concern, sadness and grief of the majority in the settlement. Fodbor could not come to terms with the generally accepted hypothesis of Rock Breaker. His friends just called him Rocky. Every time he studied the armor of the fighters who returned from the battle, he spent a lot of time to strengthen the places that were damaged the most.

The helmets of the warriors got the most and Rocky began to strengthen them, adding more and more new details that made the structure more durable in him opinion.

- Listen, do you really think that with such a massive and clumsy bucket on your head, you can even return from a fight? It seems to me that your genius as a blacksmith has turned the wrong way somewhere on the path to perfection - as always, Fodbor said bluntly.

- Oh, come on! No brother has ever returned from a fight with a pierced helmet that I made. - Rocky retorted, without ceasing to rhythmically hammer on the red-hot blade.

- Oh, that's what I'm talking about... - Fodbor understood that they were talking about the same thing, but as if in different languages. It's so obvious!

Fodbor was pretty sure that Rocky was wrong. He saw that some parts of the armor were seriously damaged, riddled with cuts and dents, at the same time, other parts of the armor remained almost unscathed each time.

Something told him that if a part of the armor was damaged and the warrior returned, then hitting this place does not cause critical damage and allows the fighter to take a blow. Conversely, if the place has almost no damage, then hitting this part pierces the armor through, but you will not know about it, because the warrior is unlikely to return having received a fatal injury.

Fodbor was covered in cold sweat every time he saw the barbarian's armor. And each time he was seized with perplexity, why Lord Cillian uses armor and spear so ideal for equestrian combat without a horse? Maybe that's why he is so rarely seen in the battles of the Banner Lords?

A lot of unanswered questions... No, not this time.

Fodbor didn't know how to incinerate the garbage ideas in Rocky's head, but it occurred to him that Incinerus was a very suitable name for Trunda's new armor.

Fodbor believed that he was on the verge of a great discovery of the secrets of armor vulnerability.