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A Fan-Fiction Theresc Origin Story - The Cursed Huntress

A Fan-Fiction Theresc Origin Story - The Cursed Huntress

Aug 15, 2022, 20:5308/15/22

A Fan-Fiction Theresc Origin Story - The Cursed Huntress

The Story of Theresc, the Cursed Huntress

While Dark Elves are portrayed as malicious and brutal by most Telerians, not all of their people share these attributes. The young Theresc grew up to be different, good-natured and with a sense for balance between light and dark. With a quick-witted mind and a meticulous aim with her bow, she believed that she was destined for greatness among her people. Yet, her motives did not align with those in power. 

The Dark Elven leaders of that time feared Theresc, for she was on a quest for peace and balance between Telerias people rather than sheer and absolute power. Numerous attempts to assasinate her failed, as she quickly recognized any ambush directed at her and made short work of her assailants. It was clear to the Dark Elven leaders that something more sinister was needed to get rid of her. So, one day, they turned to a demonic creature by the name of Ixlimor to lay a curse on Theresc that would stop her rise. Ixlimor, knowing that the current leadership of the Dark Elves would suit his own plans more than a rising Theresc, complied. 

The curse laid on Theresc was one that drove her insane. In an instant, the once foresighted and intelligent elven woman turned into a murderous beast, killing friends and foes alike. Yet, Ixlimor, in all his malice, intentionally designed her curse so that Theresc would have moments of awareness and clarity, that she could see her evil deeds over which she lacked any control. 

On a cold winter night, Theresc, in a state of agony and madness, killed her comrades during a patrol in the Durham Forest. She did so with a loud, demonic laughter that could be heard even at the gates of Aravia. When returning to her normal state, she realized in deep terror that there was something wrong with her and she fled into a cave, where she hoped she would not cause any further harm to her own kin or any other creatures of Teleria. She cut ties with all of her remaining allies, as she knew she had become a threat to her own cause. Her attempt to seal the cave failed, so all she could do was trying to move as deep into the cave as possible. Yet, she could never move deep enough, and sometimes, in a state of madness, Theresc emerges to go on a hunt. 

Now, every now and then, the cursed Theresc leaves the cave on a hunt for blood, no matter if the blood she spills is human, dwarven or elven. Her malicious, insane laughter is often the last thing a traveller hears when coming close to her hideout at the wrong time. Yet, there are always moments when Theresc returns to her cave to mourn her victims. In these moments, she swears to herself that she would find out what has driven her insane, and that she will one day have her revenge on those that caused her lonely suffering. 

Jul 23, 2023, 11:4107/23/23

Great story!

Jul 24, 2023, 08:4407/24/23

Agree, dark elves are my favorite race in all books! 

Jul 24, 2023, 18:4307/24/23

Vert attractive, amazing, and interesting story. Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks it was nice story