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Cromax Moonblood

Cromax Moonblood

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Cromax Moonblood


Long have the Elves of Teleria been fascinated by the beauty of the Moon. Poets have sung its argent beauty above even that of the life-giving Sun, and mages sought to learn arcane mysteries by observing the intricate patterns of the starlit heaven. So it has been in the ancient days, long before the Elves forged their empire. In those days of wonder and myth, the story of Cromax Moonblood begins.

Hard as it may be to believe, the Elves had once roamed the lands in disparate clans and waged war not just against the monstrous Ogryn and other rival races but among themselves as well. There was no lack of glory for young heroes to win. Among those, stood proud Cromax, whose thirst for adventure was second to none, and the strength of his arm was matched only by the sharpness of his mind.

Legends attribute many great deeds to Cromax; he is said to have ended the centuries-long feud his clad held against their neighbors, and bested a self-proclaimed Orc King whose nascent domain threatened to wipe out all Elves in Tilshire. With age, Cromax had mastered the art of alchemy and infused his body with enchanted quicksilver and stardust, thus earning himself the name Moonblood. But it was a battle against doggone Skinwalkers that had proven to be his greatest challenge and the deed that paved the way for his immortality.

Alas, not even the Elves were immune to the strange curse that turned mortals into vicious monsters, and there were werebeasts among their number since the dawn of time. One such pack made its home in the forests surrounding the lands of Cromax’s clan, pillaging and hunting his people like sheep. Though many skirmishes were won among the dells and foothills, Skinwalkers still pressed on, driven by a malevolent, unknown will. 

Desperate, Cromax held a ritual on the night when the Moon was red as fresh blood, and its signs led him to the source of the curse - an Elven shaman who had succumbed to the darkness within his heart. Having turned into a ravenous fiend, he had spread that malady unto his own kin and many more innocents besides. Armed with that knowledge, Cromax set out to hunt the beast.

For weeks he wandered, ever following the guiding moonlight while all around him the emerald forest turned dark and twisted. At its heart, Cromax found his foe and a bloody battle ensued. Though his skill was matched by unholy strength and bestial fury, the Champion of the elves eventually prevailed and lain the Skinwalker low. His own wounds were also grievous, and as Cromax prepared to say his last farewell, a miracle happened. 

A woman, red of hair and clad in shining silver armor, appeared in a flash of light before him. She spoke in a voice like thunder and called herself the Arbiter - Lumaya’s herald and servant - whose solemn duty was finding Champions worthy of fighting for Teleria. And though Cromax had come to the end of his mortal path that night, he pledged his soul to Lumaya’s cause and took up arms in defense of Good forevermore.