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Section description

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Nov 8, 2021, 15:1311/08/21

Section description

Teleria is a vast and diverse land that houses numerous cultures. Many tales and myths were composed about the glorious and infamous deeds of its belligerent factions. Most written records perished in flames of continuous warfare, but some lore survived to tell you stories of some characters and the world they inhabit.

You may have seen occasional publications with our game lore on our Facebook page, but from now on, you may find all the officially published lore of Raid: Shadow Legends in a distinct section on our Forum here.

This section is created for players who seek to enhance their experience with the game through better immersion into its setting.

All the information placed in this section of the Forum should be considered canonical for the game story and its world for the time being, unless otherwise specified. However, as we unearth new pieces of Teleria's past, we may expand and update the existing chronicles of this turbulent land. 

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