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#RaidFanArtTW Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (April 15th - May 31th )

#RaidFanArtTW Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (April 15th - May 31th )

RonnieCommunity Manager
Apr 15, 2022, 13:0104/15/22

#RaidFanArtTW Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (April 15th - May 31th )

That sweet, innocent, childhood time…At a certain point in our lives, we’ve all been there, even the mighty Telerians. Once upon a time, a baby-Kael was taking his first awkward steps while a cute little Elhain giggled at his attempts. Who wouldn’t want to see something like that? Well, guess what, now you actually can!

Starting from today and until May 31st you’ll be able to participate in our regular #FanArt contest, but this time it’s going to be even more special. Because of our 3-year Anniversary we’ve decided to reminisce about the past for a little and give this contest a theme! It’s called TinyWarriors and your task will be to use all your imagination to create fan art with all of the Telerians (Champions and Bosses) when they were little.

Here’s how it works:

- Publish your artwork on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

- Use the #RaidFanartTW hashtag for your Tiny Warriors fanart submissions for a chance to win amazing prizes! As this contest is part of our Anniversary celebration, we will be awarding 10 lucky winners with 1 Feast, 1 Legendary Skill Tome, 3 Epic Skill Tomes, and our special Bad-el-Kazar Avatar. Please make sure that your publication is Public and visible for everyone so that we could find it.

The contest will be taking place from April 15 through May 31st so you’ll have plenty of time to share your creations with us!



-sculptures, models



-tasty creations in Raid style


-music videos

-other (the list can be expanded since our community’s talents know no boundaries)

-submission must be an original work made by the participant


- Final Submission Date: May, 31, 2022

- Internal Voting: June 1, 2022 to June 8, 2022

- Final Results Announcement: in mid-June, 2022


- All works will be checked for the authenticity of your art. Please do not try to pass someone else's work for your own.

- The number of winners might be increased if we receive a great number of awesome entries. 

- Please don't submit your Original Characters (OC) as part of the fan-art competition. While we would love to see your creative works, it is better to reserve such artwork for the Community champion concept art contests that might be launched in the future. 

-We'll be choosing the winners by the internal voting. Please note that we will be evaluating your creativity and level of detail, it won’t matter whether your art will be in digital or traditional form. Also, please remember that your artwork should be based on an already existing character in Raid.  

That’s all for now! Wishing you all the luck and have a great day!



RonnieCommunity Manager
Jun 15, 2022, 15:2706/15/22

Hello, Raiders!

We hope your day is going great and we’re about to make it even better, as it’s time to announce our winners for the #RaidFanartTW contest! 

Let us say that you all did amazing and it’s definitely been the cutest #RaidFanartTW contest so far! We were so impressed with your entries that decided to increase the number of winners from 10 to 13 entries. You can see their names right below:

1. Douglasiceman7

2. FelixBourgeau

3. YETI000art

4. Rustam Mamadloikov

5. Muzafarov Timur

6. Solomon Jiang

7. Kreative Junkies

8. David Gysels

9. Szpevák Jules Gyula

10. chundukov

11. rred_rabbit

12. artisan_hammer

13. Roy Vn

Congratulations! Each one of you will receive 1 Feast, 1 Legendary Skill Tome, 3 Epic Skill Tomes, and our special Bad-el-Kazar Avatar. 

That’s not it yet! We’ve also decided to award a couple of other outstanding art pieces with the Bad-el-Kazar Avatar! Here they are:

1. Bibaa93

2. Rween666

3. m1h2o_art

4. Valérie Fosse

5. Krisztina Dobos

6. Арминия Славкова

7. PookaAshling

8. Paolo Fìo Miante

9. Екатерина Щемелёва

10. deathlyinnonce

Our Community Manager Nina Jaeger will contact each of you personally to collect your IDs and make sure that you receive your rewards. 

We’re encouraging everyone else, who wasn’t lucky this time, to try their skills in the next #RaidFanart contest.  

Have a great day and stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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