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Patch Notes (01.04.21) Update 4.10

Patch Notes (01.04.21) Update 4.10


This update brings our second Doom Tower Rotation, a bunch of Clan Improvements, and many other bug fixes and changes. 

New Doom Tower Rotation

 - This new Rotation will feature the 2 brand-new Bosses: Grythion the Celestial Griffin and Iragoth the Eternal Dragon. It will also feature two Bosses from the first Rotation: the Nether Spider and the Magma Dragon, who will have different Affinities in this Rotation.

- The new Bosses will also bring exclusive Materials to farm, and two brand new Artifact sets to craft.

- New Challenge Rules have been added to many of the Secret Rooms in the Tower, along with many changes to the enemy balance on existing Floors.

- This new Rotation will go live April 6.

Doom Tower Rankings

The Doom Tower Rankings - along with Best Teams - will now be based on the number of Turns it takes you to complete a Floor and climb the Tower. It’s a simple change, but it’s going to make a big difference to your team-building strategy for the Tower, and provide an easy way to compare your efficiency on any Floor against your friends.

New Bosses

Each Boss brings a unique challenge, and will require special strategies to beat.

Grythion the Celestial Griffin revolves around controlling buffs and debuffs, and nullifying any Turn Meter manipulation with his [Fair Wind] Passive skill. He will also get a stack of his own unique buff every turn he gets - [Sky Bond]. This increases the Griffin’s ATK, C. RATE, C. DMG, and SPD. The Griffin will also ignore [Shield], [Block Damage], and [Unkillable] buffs once he has 10 or more [Sky Bond] stacks. 

Iragoth the Eternal Dragon will fight alongside her minions - the Eternal Guards and an Eternal Priest. This Boss is focused on denying your team the ability to use their Active skills, and punishing them whenever the skills are either on cooldown or otherwise unavailable. The Eternal Dragon also has her own special buff - [Eternal Rage] - that boosts her SPD and causes her to ignore [Unkillable], [Block Damage], and [Shield] buffs while also ignoring 50% of the target’s DEF when attacking.

Both of these Bosses will provide a big challenge. But like always, a big challenge means big rewards.

New Materials And Artifact Sets

Fighting the new Doom Tower Bosses will yield exclusive new Materials: Griffin Feathers (from the Celestial Griffin) and Dragon Bones (from the Eternal Dragon). You can then use these Materials to craft two powerful new Artifact sets: the Guardian Set using Griffin Feathers, and the Bloodthirst Set using Dragon Bones.


Guardian Artifact Set. This is a 4-piece set that means the wearer will absorb 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. It will also heal the wearer by 10% of their MAX HP every turn. Guardian Artifacts will not affect damage inflicted by [Poison] or [HP Burn] effects or any ally skills that cause damage to the user themselves.


Bloodthirst Artifact Set. This is a 4-piece set that increases the wearer’s C. RATE by 12%, and also heals them by 30% of the damage dealt. Bloodthirst Artifacts will not heal based on damage inflicted from [Poison] or [HP Burn] effects.

We can’t wait to see how you guys put these new Artifact Sets to use!

Clan Improvements

- Players can now use filters and sorting options to narrow down their search and find the right Clan for them.

- Filters and sorting options have also been added to the Rankings tab (only available for Clan Members).

- Players who are not in Clans yet will be able to view the current Rankings.

- A Quick-Join option has been added for those who want to find a Clan quickly. Just hit Quick-Join to join a random Clan in your language without spending time searching.

- Clan search now takes Clan Activity over the last 7 days into account when displaying the list of suggested Clans.

- The more active a Clan is, the higher up it will be shown in the search results. A Clan's position in the list of search results depends on:

1. Clan Leader's last date of activity.

2. The number of Clan Activity Stars per player.

3. Whether a Clan is being Promoted.

- Clan Promotion. Clan Leaders can now Promote their Clans to boost visibility and help recruit new players. If a Clan Leader promotes a Clan, this Clan will appear higher up in the search results for a limited time. A Clan can only be promoted once a week, for 48 hours. To be promoted, Clans must be at least 7 days old and have 5 or more Members.

- Clan Leaders can also set the minimum required Total Player Power in their Clan settings, so only players of a certain strength will be able to join or apply.

- Clan Offers. Everyone in a Clan - except for Clan Leaders - can manage their own applications and invitations in the Clan Offers window. If you've already found your perfect Clan and don't want to receive any more invites to other Clans, simply block all incoming invitations.

- Clan Leaders and Deputies are able to invite players who are already in another Clan.

- Clan Members can now receive invitations and apply to Invite-Only Clans while still being a Clan Member of another Clan.

- Clan Icons in Player Info popups are now tappable.

- Last login time is now visible to members of other Clans and players who are not in any Clan yet.

- A “Red dot” indicator will be shown to Deputies and Clan Leaders when there are new Applications.

Champion and Battle Fixes

- Resistance will now be taken into account when transferring debuffs.

- MAX HP Decreases are now shown correctly.

Elenaril’s Combust skill now deals the correct damage from all [Poison] debuffs on all enemies.

- The Clan Boss will ignore [Unkillable] buffs as intended, starting from the 50th Turn - even if you have Fahrakin the Fat in your team.

- Rugnor Goldgleam’s Passive skill, Dire Grudge, decreases the cooldown of his Gleam of Avarice skill correctly when he uses his Gold-Mad Frenzy skill.

- The Shield Breaker Mastery will no longer increase the damage inflicted on targets under [Shield] buffs by 25% if the skill used successfully ignores the [Shield] buff.

- Vogoth’s Passive skill, Eerie Presence, doesn’t place a [Leech] debuff if the damage is taken from an ally, such as from Fahrakin the Fat’s Body Block Passive skill.

- Fixed the interaction between Lyssandra’s Transference skill and Madame Serris’ Witch's Grace Passive skill that caused Lyssandra to transfer a [Fear] debuff when she wasn’t supposed to.

- A bug that caused the Nether Spider to not repeat her Envenomed Strands skill when under an [Ally Protection] buff has been fixed. It now works as intended.

- Rotos the Lost Groom’s Spurn Oblivion Passive skill now decreases damage correctly when an enemy dies between the attacks.

- A visual bug that happened when the Frost Spider’s Frozen Lymph Passive skill triggered multiple times has been fixed.

- Renegade’s Sacrificial Ritual skill will decrease the cooldown of all ally skills first before damaging her equal to 30% of her MAX HP.

- [Shield] buff icons now display correctly in battle.

- Maneater’s Ancient Blood skill now causes him to receive damage equal to 5% MAX HP for each living ally as intended.

- Jintoro< will now use the Oni's Rage skill on the Clan Boss when it’s not on cooldown.

- Dungeon Challenge 3.5 now completes as intended when using Grunch Killjoy for its completion.

- An error that occurred after finishing a battle has been fixed.

Game Experience Enhancements

- Player levels are now displayed correctly in the Doom Tower Rankings popup.

- Champion Tags will no longer disappear from some Champions after battling.

- When locking Champions that have been chosen to upgrade another Champion’s Level in the Tavern, those newly locked Champions will now be locked correctly and will not appear in the Upgrade slot anymore.

- A progress bar and completion indicator will be shown in the Secret Room Battle Result window after you’ve summoned the relevant Champion using Fragments.

That’s everything we’ve got for you! Let us know what you think of these changes. 

Apr 1, 2021, 12:3904/01/21
Apr 1, 2021, 13:1404/01/21

Okay, I'll start this off.......

What is this all about...

- The Clan Boss will ignore [Unkillable] buffs as intended, starting from the 50th Turn - even if you have Fahrakin the Fat in your team. 

April Fools????

And why the hate on Fats?

Apr 1, 2021, 13:1904/01/21

arena ????

Apr 1, 2021, 15:1004/01/21

So we'll need to switch gear, again....What is plarium gonna do about this ridiulous costs?

Apr 1, 2021, 15:1004/01/21

please add coldheart to tag team market. i'm f2p player need her so badly

Apr 1, 2021, 16:1904/01/21

I have stated my idea to really add more interactive gameplay with the clan itself.. or even outside of that arena. But this will be my final 

"Player versus player duals"

After all this time I truely miss some competitive quality time with my clan. We all have our perfect strategies we want to try out with eachother. Making it able that we can dual against eachother, or heck even for clan leaders to check out new players that apply for a clan.

This will bring more interaction around the clan itself (outside the idea clan vs clan). This belong under the category clan members vs eachother. 

There doesn't have to be any rewards included its mainly for fun and practice against eachother.

You could also add a personal dual record, how many times you've won/lost against that person and how you did in total vs all of your clan members win/lose ratio.

Anyhow good job planarium so far, yes there is more work to be done.. and you guys add alot of new content which I love. 

For the others around, I do agree things have to be resolved (not including anything in particular to avoid a subject change) but let's be honest.. we have been playing for a while so the game is cool. Period.

And for that my thanks to planarium.

Apr 1, 2021, 19:1704/01/21

> Elenaril’s Combust skill now deals the correct damage from all [Poison] debuffs on all enemies.

Yet, no CB damage fix. I suppose, she is meant to be useless...

Or it's an april's fools! Dammit, i knew, you won't gonna fix her!

Apr 1, 2021, 19:4904/01/21

I hope Renage is using the A3 when Roshcard is on the team

Apr 2, 2021, 11:1204/02/21

You say you have a good 2x chance of efficiency. Why can't I get a legend of nothing, even though I've opened 81 purple bowls in total? I can't understand what kind of game attitude this is. These heroes are distributed according to what. people quit the game for these reasons. If the attitude of the game is like this, I will stop supporting the game and will not continue.

Apr 2, 2021, 15:0004/02/21
Rufus Shinra

Merci Alucare, belle initiative. 

Pas de souci :) Je le fais a chaque fois depuis un petit 3-4 articles je pensais juste pas à le partager ici et je vois que ça plaît plutôt bien

Apr 3, 2021, 06:5504/03/21

Elenaril’s Combust skill DOES NOT deals any  damage to clan boss. Othewise, this skill execute NOTHING many times in arena and dungeon and i lose the battle. So i think we'd better REMOVE this skill from the champion.

Please work on the auto that can DISABLE the skills on auto.

Thank you!

Apr 5, 2021, 13:4904/05/21

stranger things happen, my neighbour had the option to view a 2 year video of her accievements and got lots of free stuff , i don't see that in my game


Apr 8, 2021, 15:0804/08/21

Hwo play games . please tell me

Apr 13, 2021, 14:2004/13/21

how do i play the games because im new here and hi prabodha