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Raid Leaves Facebook Cloud Games

Raid Leaves Facebook Cloud Games

Hello Raiders! 

Almost a year ago, we added one more platform where you could play RAID: Shadow Legends - Facebook Cloud Games. The service itself was available in numerous countries, and we hope you enjoyed this journey. At the very beginning of the year 2024, the journey comes to an end, and RAID won’t be available on this platform anymore. 

In light of these events, we’d like to make sure all Raiders who have been playing our game using Facebook Cloud, save their game progress and continue fighting for Teleria on alternative platforms. All the purchases that you make through Facebook Cloud will be accessible in your account even after the game closure on the platform, no need to worry about that.

To save your progress on other platforms, just log into the game with Facebook on your phone and link your account to Plarium ID. 

You’ll be able to transfer your game progress from Facebook Cloud to Plarium Play, only from your smartphone - it cannot be done from PC. 

How to transfer your account from FB Cloud to your smartphone

  • Download RAID from Google Play or App Store. 
  • Open the game by pressing LOG IN 
  • Log in with Facebook. Make sure that you are logged in to your Facebook account, which you used to play RAID on your smartphone 



Connect your account to Plarium ID

  • Tap your avatar to open Settings 
  • Tap "Plarium ID" in the Profile tab 
  • Press the button CREATE ACCOUNT 
  • Follow the instructions to create Plarium ID.  


Done: you have activated your Plarium ID

You have two months to secure your game progress, and we suggest that you do not delay it until the last moment. Have any questions about the game transfer? Get in touch with our Support team via this link, or in the in-game window to get guidance and help. 

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Mar 8, 2024, 11:2203/08/24

Can't get any of this to work! Never played on phone!! Only on PC. Need MAJOR HELP to continue.  Seem to be making it hard to switch from FB. When I try to download Plarium app message pops up not microsoft approved!!!!