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Raid Digest (07.10.22)

Raid Digest (07.10.22)

Greetings and salutations, our dear Raiders! This issue of the Raid Digest is brought to you by Raid: Shadow Legends... Our teams are currently working on fixes, improvements, and a couple of surprises we don't want to spoil, so today's digest will be short and to the point. So let's get into it!

Fortus fix

Fortus is a new Champion that came to Teleria a couple of days ago. You may not have encountered him yet, but his A3 "Astral Terrors" is not packing as much of a punch as it should. So in the nearest big update, most likely 6.20, we will fix it, and the damage will return to what we intended. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Even if you've decided to put our fearmonger aside for a while, after the next update, you may suddenly sense a distant call of something great and ancient, stirred deep below in your Vault...

Tag Team Arena fix

We know about the oddities you may encounter with display of progress points on the Tag Team Arena. We've made some fixes to the system and expect it to display points and distribute players by Tiers properly after the next Tag Team Arena reset on Monday.

2FA and account security

A kind reminder that Raid has a Two-Factor Authentication system to protect your account from external threats. Please remember that it is the best way to secure your account from possible hacks or con artists. While we recently had a problem with email delays on a couple of mailing services, the issues are already resolved, and we are working on and implementing features to prevent them in the future.

The other thing worth mentioning, please don't share your login and password with anyone, especially if they contacted you first and claim to be a support service agent or a content creator. Because even if you have 2FA activated, once you allow this user to enter the game, they might try to steal your account or feed your Champions. Please be careful.

Clan vs Clan Tournaments and Personal rewards

Breathe easy, casual Clans enjoyers. This Clan vs. Clan tournament will not feature personal rewards.

This is all we have for today. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful weekend.

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