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Forge Pass Season 3 is live

Forge Pass Season 3 is live

Season 3 is live!

Season 3 of the Forge Pass is live from 09:00 UTC, Friday, August 5 to 09:00 UTC, Friday, September 2.

The Forge Pass gives you access to a series of special Daily and Weekly Challenges to complete, with a whole host of great Rewards on offer - including Chaos Ore, brand-new Bolster Artifacts and Bolster Stones (a new Forge Material), as well as Silver, Avatars, Charms, and more!

As you complete Forge Pass Challenges, you'll earn Forge Pass Points to increase your Forge Pass Level. As you level up your Forge Pass, you'll be able to claim the unique and exclusive rewards.

There are two different sets of Challenges & Rewards that are available to you depending on what type of Forge Pass you have - Core or Gold.

Core Pass

The Core Pass is available to everyone for free, and gives you access to Daily Challenges & all the Core Rewards. 

You'll get 4 Challenges every day, though one will always be the same. The Daily Challenges reset at 00:00 UTC and are replaced by new ones - regardless of whether you completed them or not.

Gold Pass

Getting the Gold Pass also lets you complete Weekly Challenges & receive all the Gold Rewards. 

New Weekly Challenges unlock every week, and you can still complete any previous week’s Challenges while the current Forge Pass Season is live. All Weekly Challenges can be completed in any order once available. These extra Challenges open you up to even more Forge Pass Points and even more loot, including a special reward for reaching Level 50.

Bolster Artifacts & Bolster Stones

Bolster is a brand new Artifact Set that a places a protected Shield buff on you and your allies, meaning it cannot be stolen or removed in any way. You'll have to get rid of the Shield by either damaging it, or waiting for it to expire. Also, Bolster Artifacts heal the wearer by 10% of their MAX HP each turn - talk about bolstering your defenses!

Bolster (4 Set) - Protected 30% HP Ally Shield for 3 Turns. Heals wearer by 10% every turn.

Over the course of this Forge Pass Season, you'll also be able to win a new type of Forge Material called Bolster Stones, which you can use to craft Bolster Artifacts. You'll also get a full set of six Rank 6 Legendary Bolster Artifacts for reaching Level 50 in the Gold Pass.

The Forge Pass is open to all players of Level 40 or above, but if you don't see it in your game, just try restarting your App.

That's all we have for you! The Forge Pass can give you that extra edge you need to take on some of Raid's toughest bosses and rivals, so don't miss out!

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