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Raid Digest (14.01.2022)

Raid Digest (14.01.2022)

Hello, Raiders! It's our first issue of the #RaidDigest this year. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and now, you all are ready to jump into the new 2022 year. We certainly are!

Gameplay-related changes

Let's start with perhaps the most peculiar addition to the game in the recent update - Chaos Ore, a new resource designed to spare some of your time. Instead of venturing into a battle for an Artifact once again, you may simply try your luck transforming some unnecessary Artifacts into something potentially more appealing. However, chaos is a tricky matter, so we would like to clarify how exactly the Chaos Ore works. Reworking randomly reassigns Substats for each Substat Slot. Because it's random, it could end up having one or more of the same Substats again or entirely different Substats in each Slot. However, the Rarity, Level, and Rank of any piece of Gear will remain the same after being reworked. Though substats may change, in case of already upgraded Artifacts the arrangement of upgrades across the Substat Slots (first, second, third, or fourth-position Substats) and the number of upgrades in each Slot will also stay the same. You won't have to re-upgrade the same Gear again. Keep in mind, however, that Reworking an Artifact strips it of any Glyph bonuses and may be done only once to each Artifact.

We're in the process of updating our in-game guide for the Chaos Ore, so the information button "i" is unavailable for now on the Rework Artifact screen. For now, please visit our official Ore Storage FAQ page for detailed information:

By the way, the guide for Hydra is also currently under repair. However, you may still get the essential information about how to deal with this challenging creature through the Boss Guide button on the Team selection page.

Speaking of the bosses, let's turn our attention to a new rockstar of the show - Skull Lord Var-Gall, who started performing way better against the Scarab King due to the newly updated Passive ability to decrease the enemy's HP. No worries, it is not a bug but an intentional redesign of this Champion for him to fit better his tactical role.

New button for iOS users and a new opportunity for Plarium Play users

Here's a couple of platform-specific notes. iOS users might have already noticed a new button "Delete account" - this button doesn't exterminate your account at once, but instead it creates a special ticket for the support team to process your request, which might take some time
We’re actively working on improving Plarium Play - modifying the existing features and adding lots of new things to improve your experience. 

Starting next week, we’re introducing a special offer that will be available exclusively for those Raiders who play on Plarium Play and who reached level 11 in the game:


You may access it from the tab Limited Special Offers in your Shop on Plarium Play. Worry not, if you get this pack on Plarium Play all the bonuses will be available on your game account on your mobile device as well. You’ll be getting goodies each day for 10 days. It is similar to the way the Daily Gem Pack works. 

Since it is a time-limited offer, it will be available for only 2 weeks.

What can you expect in the game in the near future?

First, the next Faction Wars cycle is going to start in a couple of days, with the Shadowkin crypt included in the schedule among others. Then you'll be able to see how much time is left until you can send your Shadowkin Champions to their doom… um… on their quest of enriching you with new Glyphs.

Second, a bunch of the new Champions will appear in the game next week, next to the Opardin Clanfather's Fusion launch. Keep in mind though, that to fuse Opardin you will simply need to collect Fragments; there will be no intermediary Champions.

Last but not least, the upcoming Clan vs Clan Tournament is going to start next week without Personal rewards.

That's it for today. Have a glorious weekend! 

Jan 14, 2022, 16:2401/14/22
Jan 14, 2022, 17:0501/14/22

This is not the last time that you will frustrate all the players which were expecting maybe some rewards in the Clan vs Clan with personnal reward, maybe the last but not the least one after you transformed sacred and chicken into a big waste trying to make understand how stupid we are not seeing all the benefit to have champions totally unuseful.  After considering everybody like cows. and now with more an more new stuff we all understand that the bill will increase constantly and you continue in the same strategy. Can you please submit the things before to real players before implement things like that ? 

Jan 14, 2022, 17:3701/14/22

It would be so good that we can work together, with respect and not centered only on cash. You know that all clans are tryng to compete in this Clan with clan and more for those with rewards because most of the clan can't support to tryhard all the time. So please consider the people who pay your wages and suffer to see how you change eveything at the very last limit without any explanation.

Jan 15, 2022, 09:1901/15/22
Jan 16, 2022, 13:55(edited)

You yourself have created a situation where Clan versus Clan (CvC) with personal rewards (PR) is very attactive to win.

For that reason CvC engaged clans focus on farming and preparing for these events. To the extend that most players will only spend as little as possible in between CvCs with PRs.  

Up until now, you have had a pattern where CvCs with and without PRs would interchange. You broke this pattern by not announcing PRs in this upcoming CvC. As you probably already  have concluded now, this has generated a negative response from the community. 

I think you would please your community if you allow us a chance to plan in advance. This can be done by either comitting to a pattern, or to make sure we always know when the next CvC with PR is planned.

Jan 15, 2022, 10:0501/15/22

I do not understand why you guys always break the pattern of CvC personal reward. Most of users spent lots of resources to fit in personal tier. Don't screw us over.

Jan 15, 2022, 16:1801/15/22

seems personal rewards are too good for money income expected. anyway I dont care about cvc farm, especially when both sides doesnt get that personal reward. I wonder who is worried about Pack, its about nothing...

Jan 15, 2022, 16:2301/15/22

why dont add Chaos Ore to advanced tasks? tournament winners as usually will be big spenders or people login for 5 mins and collect energy. What side is supported? why they can not be regular players doing all daily tasks and fusions? 

Jan 18, 2022, 11:3301/18/22

The game is slowly getting on my nerves, I can't even get artefacts to level 12, and silver is still being deducted, but they want to make money with the game, not like this 

Jan 22, 2022, 12:5901/22/22


Jan 25, 2022, 15:1901/25/22

I was specifically looking for a game my wife and I could play together on.  The referal system does not work so I unloaded the game. Will ocaisionally look to see if referal or some other system is add let guarantees we can play as partners.  Till the NADA.

Jan 27, 2022, 21:4001/27/22

I was specifically looking for a game my wife and I could play together on.  The referal system does not work so I unloaded the game. Will ocaisionally look to see if referal or some other system is add let guarantees we can play as partners.  Till the NADA.

looking for a wife 

Jan 27, 2022, 21:4101/27/22

I was specifically looking for a game my wife and I could play together on.  The referal system does not work so I unloaded the game. Will ocaisionally look to see if referal or some other system is add let guarantees we can play as partners.  Till the NADA.

intru turbo