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Community Avatars

Community Avatars

Hi, Raiders! A new type of Avatars is coming to Teleria - Community Avatars!


The most active members of our community will be getting special in-game avatars as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the whole Raid community.

For now, we’ll be giving special avatars to the following Raiders:

  • Moderators who keep our communities a safe, respectful, and useful place for players to interact with each other.
  • Official Content Creators who breathe life into our project and help the community with outstanding videos.

Today, all official Moderators who work on Discord, Forum, Facebook will get an in-game Arbiter avatar; moderators for the in-game chat will get Zargala avatar; as for awesome Content Creators, they will get a Cardiel avatar.

Avatars for Fanart

That’s not all. Talented Raiders who create various fan-art and share them on social media will get a chance to win special avatars, too.

In this publication, we’ll explain how you can get a special Bad-el-Kazar avatar for publishing your fanart with a special hashtag.

  • Publish your artwork on one of the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Use #RaidFanart for fanart submissions for a chance to win a Community Avatar, and be featured on our feed (published on one of our social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Please make sure that your publication is Public and visible for everyone so that we are able to find it.

Below you’ll find the list of things that can be considered fanart:

  1. drawings/paintings
  2. sculpture, models
  3. comics
  4. cosplay
  5. tasty creations in Raid style
  6. songs
  7. music video
  8. other (the list can be expanded since our community’s talents know no boundaries)

By publishing your entry with the hashtag #RaidFanart, you agree that we can publish your artwork on our official social media accounts. Of course, your name will be mentioned!

At the beginning of each month, we’ll be awarding Сommunity avatars to authors of the BEST entries who submitted their creations with the hashtag #RaidFanart. The number of winners may vary each month and will depend on the total number of submitted entries during one single month. We'll be choosing the winners by the internal voting.

Make sure to add the #RaidFanart hashtag to your submission. In early October, first talented Raiders will be getting their Bad-el-Kazar avatars.

And last but not least, we’ll be giving Community Avatars in some contest as a part of the reward. Stay tuned and follow our social media.

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