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Raid Digest (03.09.21)

Raid Digest (03.09.21)

Hey Raiders! Another fortnight has passed, and it is about time for a new RaidDigest. There are several changes that the Update 4.60.0 has brought to the game, and in this issue, we would like to clarify some of them a little bit. So, without further ado, let's get straight into it!

Clan quests and Clan gold

As you know, the last Update has expanded the number of quests available for a Clan to 90 and increased rewards for them - 100, 200, 350 of Clan gold instead of 50, 150, and 300 for quests of each difficulty level, respectively. The important side note here is that the quests you've taken before the Update will still provide you with the amount of Clan gold according to the old system. Also, 90 Clan quests will become available after the next reset, each with increased reward. This change is intended to mitigate competition between clanmates and, therefore, to encourage communication and cooperation inside the team.

Doom Tower - expansion of the Best Teams list

Having said that, we further develop friendly ways of clanmates competition that serve as an incentive without repercussions. It is always exciting to check how efficient your Doom Tower teams are on a particular Floor in comparison to those of your clanmates, so we increased the size of the Best Teams list from 10 to 30 entries.

Extra turn bug fix

Some time ago, we noticed that when some Champions used abilities that promised a chance of an extra turn on killing an enemy, they sometimes erroneously got that extra turn even without delivering a fatal blow. Though we've fixed that bug, new AI algorithms came to play. In particular, you may have noticed that Septimus started to prioritize other abilities over his otherwise more traditional A1. No worries - we know about that and are going to return Septimus’ good old AI settings in upcoming updates.

Login History - a new security feature

Last but not least, we've added a new security feature to the Plarium Play - Login History, which you can find in the settings of your profile. Now Plarium Play neatly logs each active session your account has, so in case of some malicious user log-ins into your Plarium Play account - you'll notice it. In any case, we strongly recommend activating 2-factor authentication and not sharing any of your log-in information with anyone. Beware of scammers - our official support team never asks for log-in data.

That's it, folks, now get yourself ready, for the next Fusion is coming next week! Have a glorious day and happy raiding! 

Sep 3, 2021, 14:3809/03/21
Sep 6, 2021, 00:3309/06/21

You still haven't provided a calendar for the next fusion.  You guys made a mistake once on the login calendar and instead of picking yourselves up and getting back on the bike, you decided just to give up.  Come on, fusions (which you insist on doing every month) are such a horrendous time and energy suck, the very least (and I mean that literally) that you can do is give the calendar at least a half a week in advance at a bare minimum.

Sep 6, 2021, 22:1509/06/21

Everything looks nice but not bunch of bugs after patch. 😫 And we didnt got no conpensation after hmm. 

Sep 6, 2021, 23:5509/06/21

My son got me playing this game last month. I hit the 30 day reward yesterday. I use to play Soldiers Inc. So already had Plarium on my computer. But, today one of their events came out on earning points attacking a spider to get shards for a orange portrait charater. Plarium placed us in different brackets. My son only has to score 950 points to get his shards. I have to score 1300? Why the big difference? Feel like I got robbed. I have spent over 300 energy hitting the spider and only have 88 points. No way I'll hit the 1300 in 3 days to get the shards. Very discourgaging for a new game. 

OracleCommunity Manager
Sep 7, 2021, 13:1509/07/21

Hi, Quintinar! We usually publish the schedule of Tournaments/Events just around the time the Fusion starts. You may find the schedule in the in-game news (the piece titled "Roric Wyrmbane Fragments Events").

Hey, Vicky! Yes, we're aware of several unfortunate bugs. Those bugs now have high priority and we're going to fix them as soon as possible.

Hi, Pendragon ! Events and Tournaments have different milestones for players of different levels. This way we keep things fair. As your account becomes stronger, you face larger challenges. If you're a little bit short of Energy, consider doing more daily and weekly quests as they may serve as a handy supply of it 


Sep 11, 2021, 03:297 days

add a cancel button for clan quest 

3 rare item in campaign clan quest is broke or crazy (150 runs in nightmare still nothing)