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Patch Notes (07.06.21) Update 4.30

Patch Notes (07.06.21) Update 4.30

Saved Teams, Skill Instructions, and much more! 

This update brings improvements to some existing features, along with a few quality-of-life improvements - but the real meat of this update lies in newly added Team Setup options: Saved Teams & Skill Instructions. Here’s everything you need to know.


Saved Teams & Skill Instructions.

When in the team selection interface before any Battle, hit the “Team Setup” button to create Saved Teams of Champions and give those Champions Skill Instructions.

  • Saved Teams lets you save preset, pre-selected teams of Champions that can quickly be chosen to be used in Battle in a couple of taps.
  • Skill Instructions allow you to give Champions in Saved Teams special instructions about which Skills you want them to use - and when you want them to use them - when playing on Auto. 

Saved Teams

You are able to create two groups of Saved Teams - one for PvP Battles (like Classic Arena and Tag Arena), and one for PvE Battles (such as for the various Dungeons). You can save up to 10 Teams in each of these groups.

Skill Instructions

Skill Instructions work by allowing you to override the default AI prioritization of a Champion's Active Skills, so that when playing on Auto, your Champions use their Skills in the order you want them to. Here are the priority options:

  • Default. A skill with this instruction is used according to the Champion's standard AI.
  • Don't Use. A skill with this instruction will never be used throughout a Battle.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choices. These define each Skill’s priority from 1st (highest) to 3rd (lowest). First-choice Skills will be used whenever they are available, while second will be used whenever a Champion’s first choice is unavailable, while third choice will only be used whenever both first and second are unavailable.

Those are the main priorities, and they can be assigned to any Active Skill - but they can’t be assigned to Default Skills or Passives.

However, there is an additional instruction that will supersede any other instructions for a single turn - Opener.

  • Opener. A Skill with this instruction will be used the first time that Champion gets a turn in the first Round of a Battle. After that turn, the Skill's priority will change to whichever other Instruction is set.

It can be assigned to any non-Passive Skill (including Default Skills) along with any other Instruction. For example, a Skill can be set to both “Don’t Use” and “Opener”: in which case, that Skill will be used on that Champion’s first turn, but will then be ignored throughout the rest of the Battle and will not be used again.

Note: You can only give Skill Instructions to Saved Teams and to those Champions Set in your Arena Defense Teams. Check out the in-game guide (hit the “i” info icon within Team Setup) for more details and a full breakdown of both Skill Instructions and Saved Teams.

Clan vs Clan Tournaments with Personal Rewards.

From now on, we’re going to launch CvC Tournaments with Personal Rewards as a separate edition of CvC Tournaments. This means going forward, we’ll have some standard CvC Tournaments without individual rewards, and some Tournaments with individual rewards added.

There will be 6 Personal Reward Tiers. Each player`s Personal Reward Tier depends on the number of Points they earned in the previous CvC Tournament that had Personal Rewards.

There will be 10 Personal Milestones in each Tier, and players will only be eligible to receive Personal Rewards if their Clan wins the CvC Matchup.

Playtime Rewards

Playtime Rewards will now change depending on your Level.

Levels 1-30: 

  • No changes

Levels 31-50:

  • 5 minutes: 12,000 Silver (up from 7,500)
  • 40 minutes: 1 Greater Arcane Potion (up from 1 Lesser Arcane Potion)
  • 90 minutes: 30,000 Silver (up from 20,000)

Level 50 and higher:

  • 5 minutes: 20,000 Silver
  • 40 minutes: 2 Greater Arcane Potions
  • 90 minutes: 55,000 Silver

Champion and battle fixes

  1. Visual effects have been added to the Affinitybreaker Artifact set.
  2. Fixed how Gorlos Hellmaw is displayed in the Index.
  3. Improved the lightning effects on the Doom Tower Boss Floors.
  4. Fixed Urost the Soulcage’s and Prundar’s default stances.
  5. Changed Chani’s avatar icon.
  6. Fixed Champion movement animations that triggered after damage is taken while Champions were either running or already dead.
  7. Fixed errors that occurred when battling against the Celestial Griffin using Champions with [Poison], [Bomb], or [HP Burn] debuffs, as well as[Continuous Heal] buffs.
  8. Champions that can self-Revive using their own skills will no longer waste their skills if they currently have a [Revive On Death] buff.
  9. Buffs or debuffs that cannot be removed by enemies now also cannot be affected or removed by allies, or the caster or recipient of the buff/debuff. This affects Marquis’ Paralyzing Bolts ascended skill and Umbral Enchantress’ Undying Evil skill.
  10. Fixed a bug that meant skills that have level upgrades that increase the heal percentage were not taking the upgraded heal amount into account after reviving Champions.
  11. Zavia now uses her Deadly Catalyst skill on Auto.
  12. [Stun] debuffs will no longer be placed by the Celestial Griffin’s Fair Wind Passive skill on a Champion with Masteries that decrease a Turn Meter after their attack has finished.
  13. Underpriest Brogni’s Redoubt Passive skill will now reflect damage and heal allies correctly when ally[Shield] buffs are broken by enemy attacks.
  14. Immunity Artifacts now activate at the start of the Round before debuffs can be placed on a Champion wearing those Artifacts.
  15. Fixed a visual bug that affected [Freeze] debuffs placed by Tormin the Cold when Kreela Witch-Arm used her Blinding Glow skill to team up with allies against Tormin.
  16. Kreela Witch-Arm’s allies now team up correctly if the Blinding Glow skill triggers a [Counterattack] buff placed on an enemy.
  17. Fixed an error in Tag Team Arena Battles that resulted in the game freezing.
  18. Black Knight’s Valorous Passive skill now works as intended when the hit is fatal.
  19. Additional HP is now displayed correctly when Rotos the Lost Groom kills an enemy with his Vitality Plunder Skill.
  20. Fixed a sound error that occurred when Dracomorph used the Seeping Pain skill against the Celestial Griffin.
  21. Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze after summoning Fenshi from Champion Fragments.
  22. Vogoth’s Festering Dynamo Passive skill is no longer triggered by the Bulwark and Selfless Defender Masteries.
  23. Enemy MAX XP is now decreased correctly when a Destroy Artifact Set is equipped.
  24. Fixed a bug that resulted in the camera returning to the location of the previous Battle Round.
  25. Block Revive effects placed by the Clan Boss after 50th turn can no longer be removed.
  26. Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze when Inquisitor Shamael fought against the Nether Spider.
  27. Whisper’s Charged Assault skill now correctly places an [Increase C. RATE] buff.

Game Experience Enhancements and other fixes

  1. Champion names have been added to the Index to make it easier to navigate.
  2. A Quick-Travel option has been added for Campaign Stages. Starting from Level 50, you will be able to dive right back into your most recently played Campaign Stage with a single tap from the Game Modes window.
  3. Added an interface to quickly jump to the Progress Missions directly from Ramantu Drakesblood or Arbiter in the Index.
  4. Total Team Power will now be shown in the Battle and Battle Log tabs in both Classic and Tag Team Arena.
  5. Added an option to keep Auto-Battle on by default in both Classic and Tag Team Arena, as well as the Clan Boss.
  6. Sorting by Rank is now the default sorting option for the pre-Battle team selection screen.
  7. A new sorting option (by Rarity) has been added to the Collection, the Tavern, and all Battle modes.
  8. Fixed a visual bug with the Tag Team Progress bar on iOS devices.
  9. The progress of the “Craft 10 Artifacts at the Forge using Rank Charms” Mission is now calculated immediately upon completion.
  10. Fixed a bug that caused players who are not currently in Clans to be unable to see the Clan vs Clan Tournament UI prior to Tournament launch in certain situations.
  11. The “Red dot” indicator won’t display in the Bastion after claiming Rewards for completed Progress Missions in Part 4.
  12. The progress of the “Deal 75,000,000 damage to the Demon Lord on Nightmare difficulty” Mission will be calculated correctly after changing Clans.
  13. Screen scrolling now works smoothly in the “Members” tab of the Clan vs Clan Tournament UI when there are more than 15 Clan members in the list.
  14. Champion Ratings will now be saved when leaving the interface and visiting locations from the Recommended Artifacts tab.
  15. A Clan Boss Key tooltip will now be shown in the Inbox after tapping on the item.

That’s everything we’ve got for you! Don’t forget to head on over to our forums to let us know what you think of these changes.

Jun 7, 2021, 13:0606/07/21
Jun 7, 2021, 13:3106/07/21

For the Team Preset, it would be good to show the leader's aura so that we can decide who to choose as leader.

Jun 7, 2021, 13:3306/07/21
Jun 7, 2021, 13:39(edited)

Really nice changes, thanks for that! :) Nice to see the champion fixes as well... but... is there any chance to fix Chancellor Yasmin too? Make her use A3 only when there are buffs to remove and heal when someone needs it - otherwise just A1...? I know we can set her priorities what to use first etc but it still would be nice to have her default AI work properly.

Edit: P.S. Actually - just tested - its her A3 that needs a fix, she uses A2 corectly, when someone needs a heal. 

Jun 7, 2021, 13:3806/07/21
Jun 7, 2021, 13:39(edited)

Cool changes, no doubt. Although, would have been cooler if sorting was possible for both ascending & descending order everywhere. Would've saved a ton of time (by bringing food to top) & is great QoL feature.

Jun 7, 2021, 13:5306/07/21

Thanks so much for fixing the revive buff vs passive interaction! I really appeciate the devs taking the feedback, even after support tried to tell me that it wasn't a bug and that maybe I was just playing the game wrong.  

Jun 7, 2021, 15:2706/07/21

Great update, thanks 😎

Jun 7, 2021, 16:3206/07/21

Ranking by rarity was completely useless. You can change the order they are listed in. So I still have to scroll all the way to the bottom to select the lowest rarity champs to add in campaign to level up. And the same when I am ranking up or leveling food. I rank a bunch of 2 star to 3 star and when I want to level them up with a brew I gotta scroll all the way back down. Then I have scroll all the way back down when I want to rank up 3 stars to four with the 3 star I just leveled up. 

Jun 7, 2021, 17:5806/07/21

Patch is cool but this part is dissappointing "There will be 10 Personal Milestones in each Tier, and players will only be eligible to receive Personal Rewards if their Clan wins the CvC Matchup." Please consider of removing this part as this is not fair and this part is supposed to be personal achivement  despite your clann looses or wins. 

Jun 7, 2021, 18:0206/07/21

Skill setup not working in CB ? Tower A2  it's being used even if i set  DO NO USE   

Jun 7, 2021, 18:3006/07/21

What is the promo code that is added just below the progression rewards. There is no information about it.  

Jun 7, 2021, 18:5206/07/21
Jun 7, 2021, 18:54(edited)

CvC requirement for clan to win the matchup to receive any personal rewards is BONKERS.

If you wanted to figure out a way to drive down engagement on CvC- you found it. This puts all of your resource spending at risk if you get edged out by even a point. It makes no sense to structure it this way.

Jun 7, 2021, 19:2806/07/21

You broke the Plarium Client on Mac. The game won't start. I take you started the fusion events already even though no countdown clock were added? 

Jun 7, 2021, 19:4906/07/21

Best UPDATE yet ! Well done Plarium/RAID

Oddly enough one of my favorite things is seeing the power below teams  in arena before I select them and absolutely love the "auto" box option.....especially for Tag Team  😃

I do think I will be playing Tag Arena a lot more now because  of that QOL improvement

Jun 7, 2021, 19:5906/07/21

As long as they do not solve the duplicate system, it is sometimes boring that they add new champions when we want many old champions and they only increase the probability that we will get bad champions from 11 champions who added only 4 could be useful. Making us have to open more fragments so that we get useless repeated champions. Apart from the fact that they no longer want to use old champions that we have in the camera for fusions. They want us to use the new ones where the hippo is very useful in the faction to merge the dwarf. I will not, many of us will not fall for the game. They have us exhausted with so many fusions so in a row that they do not help us progress in the game. They only think about their monetary interests. The 12th anniversary sucked. Deign by giving us a legendary top at least once a year, no crumbs.

I won't do any more mergers until they're worth it. since I only spend my resources on average champions, we want TOPS. 

PDD: when immortal devil comes out, many of us will leave raid if they don't pay attention to us. 

Jun 7, 2021, 20:0906/07/21

Thank you for doing these QoL improvements, we appreciate the effort. Not sure about the CvsC changes, but the rest looks pretty nice.

Jun 8, 2021, 00:0606/08/21

You broke the Plarium Client on Mac. The game won't start. I take you started the fusion events already even though no countdown clock were added? 

same thing here tried the reinstall process several ways nothing

Jun 8, 2021, 08:2806/08/21
Jun 9, 2021, 07:33(edited)

I suggest to make 3 columns in autofight options for each stage. I want Cold Heart to save A3 for bosses, but I cannot forbid using it at stage 1 and 2 now. I would also forbid using mass damage skills in favor of A1 with curse for boss stage sometimes, but I need mass attacks at stage 1, 2 and as a  starting skill for stage 3 with minions. 

Jun 8, 2021, 12:1906/08/21
Jun 8, 2021, 12:20(edited)

Thank you for the update, great QOL changes.

I wold like to report what looks like a bug to me. "Opener" skill setting does not work against CB in a slow-tune team. If I understand correctly what is going on, champions, that are slower than CB and "skip" their first turn, are wasting their opener skill in that first skipped turn, and on the second CB turn use the next prefered skill instead of the opener. On the contrary, faster champion that makes a move before first turn of CB, uses his opener even if it is A1.

Jun 8, 2021, 13:4406/08/21

    Yes, there are a few nice changes some of which really were overdue to help improve the quality of gameplay for everyone. I still think it wouldn't hurt to have a slightly smaller grace in-between legend attempts, that and maybe for the sake of it for those who are unhappy with the duplicate legends, have a sort of exchange system, saying if a person has multiple champions of a legend they can change it in for another one of the shards in which they had used to get that duplicate and in turn reset their count to where it had been previously, in that manner they would have another chance at a different champion if they wanted.

    Thanks for the updates that helped out some of the issues players were having

      E.A.R    Luthorious

OracleCommunity Manager
Jun 8, 2021, 14:4606/08/21

Hi, guys! I glad that many of you like this update. Of course, there are still some bugs or drawbacks here and there but we will address those in future updates. Presets are a very new feature and it might be expanded and improved in the future. We will take into account your feedback when designing its improvements down the road.

We know that adding filter/sorting for Champions that you use for food is a much desired QoL change. We plan to do a complete overhaul of the Tavern interface at some point in the future and will try to do this part of your daily routine more user friendly