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Update 3.0 Highlights (24/11/20)

Update 3.0 Highlights (24/11/20)


Hey, everyone!

The long-awaited Doom Tower is almost ready to go live, and these Update Highlights will include a thorough explanation of the feature. Additionally, we’ll showcase new Champions - both the ones you can win in the Doom Tower and the ones we will release for the coming Holidays - and the updates some underperforming Artifact Sets went through.

Sounds interesting? Then read on!

Doom Tower


The Doom Tower is a new game mode that will feature 132 stages (108 ‘common’ Floors, 12 Boss Floors, 12 Secret Rooms) for you to fight through. It will be available in Normal and Hard difficulties, both of which will be repeatable - the Doom Tower resets every 30 days, erasing your progress, Rankings, and rotating some of the Bosses.


Golden Keys and Silver Keys will be added to the game when the Doom Tower goes live. Golden Keys will be required to access a Floor for the first time, while Silver Keys will let you access Secret Rooms or replay Boss Floors you have previously completed. In both cases, the Key will only be subtracted from your total if you successfully complete the Floor or Secret Room.

Neither Golden nor Silver Keys can be purchased. There is a limit of 10 Keys on both, and it resets at 00:00 UTC every day. However, if you receive these Keys as a reward for in-game activity, they will be available for you to use before the next reset.


Doom Tower Floors follow a classic scheme: your Champions fight through 3 Rounds of enemies, while every 10th floor will feature a Boss fight. These Bosses will be different and their power will scale with the difficulty you’ve chosen and your progress (the Boss on Floor 110 will be much tougher than the Boss on Floor 10).

Secret Rooms will pose an additional challenge as they require specific conditions to complete. Such as using Champions of a specific Rarity, Faction, or Type.


We’ll release a video guide a few days before the update and give you all a unique insight on Doom Tower Bosses, their strengths and weaknesses, and provide some advice on fighting them.



Now, on to rewards! Completing a Floor for the first time will earn you a set reward that cannot be farmed again before the Doom Tower is reset. Beating Boss Floors will reward you with Materials for the Artifact Forge, and each Boss will reward Materials for a specific Set.

Here are the Sets!


Fatal - obtained from Kuldath the Magma Dragon
2 Artifacts per set. ATK +15%, C. RATE +5%


Untouchable - obtained from Borgoth the Scarab King

4 Artifacts per set. RES + 40, Immunity for 2 turns.


Affinitybreaker - obtained from Agreth the Nether Spider

4 Artifacts per set. C. DMG + 30%, 20% to deal a Critical Hit instead of a Weak Hit


Frostbite - obtained from Sorath the Frost Spider

2 Artifacts per set. 15% chance to resist Freeze. Has a 10% chance to place a [Freeze] debuff on the attacker (chances increase to 30/45% and 20/30% respectively with more Artifacts from the set being equipped)

In addition to Artifact Materials, you’ll be able to win Champion Fragments by completing Secret Rooms. Remember, you can only get this reward once per cycle (the Fragments will refresh once the Doom Tower resets), so be sure to complete as many Secret Rooms as possible!

These are the Champions who can be collected in the Doom Tower - they won’t be available anywhere else in the game:




UPD: This Champion (Urost the Soulcage) will be in Undead Hordes. We're sorry for the confusion.


UPD: After the patch release, the name of this Champion will be Archmage Hellmut.


UPD: After the patch release, the name of this Champion will be Akoth the Seared. 


UPD: After the patch release, the name of this Champion will be Rian the Conjurer.


Every player who completed Floor 10 will get a placement in the Doom Tower Rankings. These are separated into the following categories:

  • Global
  • Clan.

The Rankings are further divided by Difficulty (Normal or Hard). Completing Doom Tower Floors will award Ranking points and increase your standing, much like what you see in Tournaments. When the Doom Tower resets, the game will display a pop-up with the current Rankings to highlight the most successful players.

New Champions





Artifact Rebalance

We’ve updated 8 underperforming Artifact Sets to ensure you have more gearing options for your Champions, no matter whether you are a new player making do with a limited Champion collection, or a veteran seeking new strategies to enhance your playstyle. The changes are as follows:



4 Set: 35% (up from 25%) chance to Counterattack when hit



4 Set: Heals by 15% (up from 10%) every turn



4 Set: 75% (up from 50%) chance to place 2.5% Poison debuff for 2 turns



4 Set: 40% (up from 30%) chance to reduce random Skill cooldown by 1 turn



4 Set: 45% (up from 30%) chance to Counterattack when hit with a critical hit. Has no damage penalty.



4 Set: Decreases enemy MAX HP by 40% (up from 30%) of damage dealt



4 Set: 75% (up from 50%)  chance to place 50% Heal Reduction debuff for 2 turn (up from 1 turn)



4 Set: 20% (up from 10%) bonus Heal


  • Christmas decorations return to the Bastion! Meet the Holiday Season in style
  • Many Faction Wars stages went through balance tweaks and should be easier to complete (this is already in effect)
Nov 25, 2020, 08:3011/25/20
Dec 1, 2020, 17:1812/01/20

Hallo an Alle

Mit feuliche Grüße aus Sangerhausen

Dec 2, 2020, 10:4612/02/20

I'm excited for Doom Tower..., just wish I started playing earlier xD (to have more viable team for hard mode)

White FlameCommunity Manager
Dec 2, 2020, 14:2012/02/20

I would also like to see the Dwarf faction get some love.  I would love to see the 3 additional factions to round out the Nyresan Union.  Maybe a Wood/Sand Elf faction (read Light Kale), Halflings faction and of course gotta get some Gnomes in there.

We are planning to give some love to other Factions, like Dwarves, as well. As for brand-new Factions, they are not planned for the upcoming release, still, we remember how players wait for them : ) Stay tuned, please! 

Dec 3, 2020, 00:1212/03/20

Personally I'm kind of sad that Achak doesn't have synergy with Sir Nicholas, since he's obviously based off of Krampus. I do have a question regarding Achak though: How will he be obtained?

Except hes obviously not, its a Wendigo not Krampus

Dec 7, 2020, 07:5912/07/20

very cool but when is the update comeing out?

Dec 8, 2020, 05:5212/08/20

quick question: Does doom tower count as a dungeon? Because of the aura effect. (I read the topic before i really DID. i could not find the answer.)

Dec 9, 2020, 13:3912/09/20

quick question: Does doom tower count as a dungeon? Because of the aura effect. (I read the topic before i really DID. i could not find the answer.)


No, the Doom Tower has nothing to do with the Dungeons. 

Currently, only “all Battles” Aura skills work in the Doom Tower. The champions with the tower-specific aura skills will be added to the game in the nearest future. 

Thank you!

Dec 9, 2020, 17:2512/09/20

Wow! A new skill especially for this type. I though about this. But it will be reality soon. Nice!