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Champion creation contest

Champion creation contest

Dec 31, 2020, 06:4312/31/20

Champion creation contest

Oora the oracle. 

High elf or dark elf, sed the color palets.

A1 Bask In The Shimmer. Attack once and transfer a debuff from this champ to an enemy. Attack twice if the enemy has more than 5 debuffs Attacks a Third time if it has 8 or more. If this attack cant place a debuff increase an a Mount of. Debuffs for an ammount of turna equal to the number of Attacks performed. Máx 3 debuffs increaseed 3 turns.

A2 passive. Purer than gold Clearer than water. This champion is affected by debuffs at the end of her turn. She can resist any debuff that would prevent her from taking a turn when placed,and again at the end of her turn if She has a reflect damage buff. 

A3 Words of luminosity. 

Places a 15% continuos heal and a 15% reflect. Damage on all allies for 3 turns. This reflect. Damage reflects all damage directed at allies even under shield block damage or. Inmortal. 

A4 Glimmering Martyrdom. Passive

Whenever a debuff is placed on an ally has a 50% chance to transfer it to this champ. Works once per ability cant transfer more than 1 if 3 debuffs are placed on dame ally. 

Whenever a champion takes damage or debuffs itself heal it for 20% its missing health and takes a random debuff from them. Might work with her own passive, ser balance team. 


If unable to take a debuff with this ability counterattacks with A1. Works when She has 10 debuffs every time A4 activates 

It. Can combo with her A1 to autoattsck every turn every time a champion is debuffed and She tríes to take the debuff and cant cose She has 10.

Balancing would be on her A1 if it can proc giant slayer 1 or 2 or 3 times I lesve that to you guys xd  

um11227702 | 11061479 plarium Id

Thunderoso is my ingame account name 

And [email protected] is my mail related to this account rrally hope I winfirst place ty all 

Her shield and headpiexe are the focus totje right is hiw ir looks. She can be bald or hsve entangles curls to the spikes. 

Dec 31, 2020, 06:4412/31/20

I hope this is where you put the sumbisions for the champion art contest